Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tornado Rips Jackson, MS
~Storm destroys historic Malaco Records

Terre aux Boeufs, the Violet Canal, and Fixing MRGO~Quinta Scott
~Map of MRGO and the Bayou Terre aux Boeufs Ridge

AmeriCorps funding cut could hurt Katrina recovery ~WLOX

FEMA mulling Abita Springs response to critical audit over Katrina recovery spending~Bob Warren

Prior owner of 1 demolished “Treme” house says city seized double he was trying to fix~Ariella Cohen, The Lens
~Hat Tweet @~Well of course they figured NOLA would be an excellent place to park the "Nutmobile"

Louisiana helps mend 9/11 Flag
~Amy Wold

Of Gettysburg and shrimp

~John Desantis

BP says it's not responsible for paying to reseed oyster beds
~Mark Schleifstein

Things are not alright…in the words of Capt. Louis Bayhi
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Sick fish suggest oil spill still affecting gulf seafood

BP anniversary: Toxicity, suffering and death~AlJazeera

~Hat Tweet @~Remember the lives lost, livelihoods disrupted. RT: @: 30 pics of Gulf oil spill almost one year ago

~Careless Love~Joe Roberts/ Glenn Smith ~Hat Tweet @captainswallow

Eight spots to get fresh Louisiana oyster a year after the oil spill
~Brett Anderson

Best Chefs of Louisiana April 19

~Wednesday May 4th! Advance tickets here

~Hat Tweet @~Sailor Mouth Saturday looks at sheets aboard ship, and what "a sheet in the wind" really refers to

Happy Easter Everyone! And I'm not kidding.

~Special thanks to Slabbed

Lafitte Corridor Hike, Jazz 'n the Vines, Big Easy Rollergirls and more today in New Orleans~Mark Lorando


Sop811 said...

We be smokin' rockin' and rollin' Bro! Bottom rail on top!!!!

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

Y'know how found I am of ripping off y'alls video posts only to transmogrify them into completely different, usually grotesque, imagery.