Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Local oil spill advocate still waiting for claims check~WVUE
~Kindra Arnesen is an outspoken advocate for oil spill victims and she’s also one of thousands of people who filed a claim with the Gulf Coast Claims Facility for a restaurant she owns that was forced closed by the spill.
“I brought all my tax papers in, everything from the three years, I brought them three, not two, and they didn't give me a reason. I just got a letter of denial in the mail three weeks after I submitted my claim,” Arnesen explains.

People continue to be left behind by the GCCF ~Disenfranchised Citizen

~'Feinbergisms' reflect the czar's bad attitude~Mobile Press-Register
~Also~A Year After Gulf Tragedy, Offshore Oil Companies Still Shielded by Liability Limits
~10 Reasons to Still Be Pissed Off About the BP Disaster~Kate Sheppard
~BP's Back in the Electoral Game
~A wasted chance for safer waters ~Stephanie Grace
~Barataria shrimpers hoping for bounce back after lost season ~WWL
~‘Designer' oysters may help industry~Nikki Buskey
~For many in Louisiana, the real disaster of 2010 wasn't the oil spill but the drilling moratorium
~Gulf seafood industry sputters back to life, a year after oil spill
~Survey: Most businesses impacted by the Gulf oil disaster~WWL

Thousands of Gulf Coast Residents Sickened by Effects of Oil Spill ~NOLAFemmes

Is this fo'real? Naaah~HHS also announced a ban on the use of dispersant in the U.S., similar to bans on dispersant in the United Kingdom.

Do not sip this poison *Updated*
~Library Chronicles

~Hat Tweet @
~One year ago, the worst oil disaster in US history began. BP's oil is still here! Help restore the Gulf at

Bird's Eye View:
The Truth 1 Year Later
~Gulf Restoration Network

Announcing: the Gulf Monitoring Consortium ~SkyTruth

Harmony for Health Concert Benefit produced by Guardians of the Gulf on April 20th!

4/20 Second Line for the Gulf
~Memorial Events

How ironic part deux: Paige St John of the Herald Tribune wins Pulitzer Prize for investigative journalism ~Slabbed

Anti-creationism crusade gains support --Capitol rally slated~Mark Moseley

April showers bring…the need for stormwater calculators!
~Watershed NOLA

Entertainment tax credits’ value touted

David Mills Scholarship Established
~Lolis Eric Elie
~On March 30, 2010, David Mills collapsed on the set during the filming of an episode of 'Treme.' He died shortly thereafter of a brain aneurysm.

The Jewel in the Lotus of the Ordinary
~Poetry Before Breakfast

The Stage~Reckless Endangerment

A Tale of One Great Meal
~Blackened Out

~Hat Tweet @FoodRush~Dear lobster sashimi at Little Tokyo: You were a very nice piece of raw tail. Thank you for giving it up. Love, Me.
~Hat Tweet
@ FrenchMarket_LA~Order our famous Killer Tomato Seasoning and other spices online at http://bit.ly/eh2zCT

Aaron Walker's "Bury the Hatchet"
~Will Coviello on a new documentary about Mardi Gras Indians

Second Line Jump : New Orleans brass bands and hip-hop
~Defend New Orleans

Jimbo Mathus April 21st!

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