Wednesday, April 20, 2011

~Special thanks~ Defend New Orleans

4.20.10 ~Humid Beings

New Orleans, five other Louisiana cities and two parishes sued BP, Transocean and the other oil spill defendants this week~Courthouse News

BP sues maker of blowout preventer

Gov. Jindal demands immediate payment from BP for Gulf oil spill damages~Mark Schleifstein

Sobering trip finds marshes still polluted from spill

~Hat Tweet @ Dirty Coast Press~Don't let the media tell you the Gulf is fine! The Oil is still here! Here are our photos: ...
~Reply @ the Pun~ @ But! Buuut! WWIS? What Would Ivor Say?

~Hat Tweet @~?!? RT @:What. The. Frack. RT @ BREAKING: Fracking blowout causes massive spill in Pennsylvania

More than 3,200 Gulf wells unplugged, unprotected

The latest from Delta Dispatches

Lake Charles residents upset by plan to create new wetlands

~Hat Tip~ Adrastos, First Draft

Harry Shearer 3 word remedy to a news media stuck on Katrina Shorthand

Lakeshore Drive maintenance and security funds are running low

Dispute could delay start of building lakefront pumping stations

I found a new friend underneath my pillow… ~moosedenied
~Today we continue pre-emptively bitching about our anticipated kneejerk disappointment with any number of potential consolation prizes the Saints are likely to end up with once Mark Ingram goes off the board next Thursday.

Louisiana lawmakers are up to official folderol~James Gill

Could ‘Trumped’-up birther campaign be a secret deal with Dems?
~Mark Moseley, The Lens

Train collides with 18-wheeler in Slidell

Hump Day Slabbed

Saturday in Mamou~eaa photo
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Winesday ~Blackened Out

~Hat Tweet @~1 year since Deep Water Horizon. @ SOS has raised $275,000 so far. Go to & post SOS msg to mark this day.

Music Today in New Orleans
~Kevin Costner, Voices of the Wetlands All-Stars at HOB, Dr. John at Tips and Anders Osborne at Wednesdays on the Square

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