Saturday, May 21, 2011

Some who live in Atchafalaya flood- ways behave as either idiots or grifters or both?

Cajuns to blame for their own flood misery?
Not so fast

~ReTweet : It looks like this on both sides of the Hwy. No stopping, lots of law enforcement.

CoreLogic releases Morganza Flood Data
~The analysis from CoreLogic shows that many homes in otherwise low-risk zones are in the path of floodwaters and that a total of 21,272 homes are at risk of being fully or partially inundated by the floodwaters flowing down from the Atchafalaya Basin. Those homes represent 11 percent of the total homes in the nine parishes most directly impacted by the opening of the spillway. The CoreLogic analysis revealed Terrebonne Parish could suffer the highest potential loss with 10,324 homes at risk for flood damage, followed by Saint Mary Parish with 3,777 homes at risk and Assumption Parish with 2,899 homes in the path of spillway floodwaters. Of the more than 20,000 homes located in the overall potential Atchafalaya flood area, 4,528 homes are located outside of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) defined flood zones and are therefore not required to maintain flood insurance policies.

Atchafalaya crest revised down 2 feet

Lower flood projections in Butte LaRose prompt delay of evacuation order

Future uncertain for the uninsured

~ReTweet @~RT by skooks~In addition to Morganza and Bonnet Carre, another unopened spillway lurks at Caernarvon. Find out its mysteries

High water makes Mississippi River dangerous to navigate

Mississippi River water in Missouri being tested for contaminants

Corps Watching Lakes Closely as Weekend Rain Approaches
~It's advising people in flood plains downstream of Beaver, Table Rock, Bull Shoals and Norfork dams in northern Arkansas and southern Missouri to keep an eye on lake levels ahead of this weekend's rains.

On May 20, 2011, and Grammy Award-winner Irvin Mayfield Jr. Unveiled a Historic Plaque at the London Avenue Canal levee breach site (east side) in the Gentilly neighborhood of New Orleans. Mr. Mayfield played the first song he ever learned, “A Closer Walk with Thee” on the Elysian trumpet, hand-built by David Monette, the modern master of trumpet design, and dedicated to the memory of Irvin Mayfield, Sr. and all of the victims of the flooding on August 29, 2005. The event closed with the release of two doves by Big Chief Clarence Dalcour of the Tribe Creole Osceola. While the Historic Plaque is’s gift to the people of Gentilly, the text was crafted and the location was chosen in collaboration with the neighborhood association leaders and affected residents.

Hurricane prep rally today~Gambit

New command center, new Jefferson Parish administration prepare for hurricane season

Port bill seeks broader powers for director, but scraps plan for more clout in land-taking~Matt Scallan

I get by with a little help...
~American Zombie

Yes! Well! Ahem! Anadarko shares up on speculation of BP settlement

Gulf Coast lawmakers split over BP oil spill money

Healing Center Unwrapped
~Ian Koch, NOLA Defender

Trains!!~Judyb54, NOLAFemmes

The Divine Comedy~NolaRisingArts
~Editilla Crotellas~ Rex gave us permission to hang this beautiful piece da art On Your New Orleans Ladder! High Five! We got so excited that we ran right over to Etsy and purchased it to hang in Editilla's House of Piety upon our return to New Orleans. It will hang with 5 Paintings by Polly Jackson, 4 pieces of Art By Mags, 1 very cool black-heart on wood piece (probably more) by Varg Vargas, 2 large Tapestries by Brenda Brewer, lots of Tiles from Arius Studio - 504 St. Peter Jackson Square (one of my main suppliers, I just love this gallery), my sister's paintings, my own paintings of compass roses, the sculpture 'Equus' by Josh, a 4-Dimensional Book by Herbert Kerney... and whatever else I can get my hands on between now and one fine day.

Rockabilly pioneer Wanda Jackson still rockin' at 73~Alison Fensterstock

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