Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Corps of Engineers' delays are harmful to Louisiana's coast: An editorial

Sands of time jam the gears of progress and bureaucratic quicksand traps sand nourishment project.
~Len Bahr, LaCoastPost

The Great Flood of 2011
~Delta Business Journal

Senator McCaskill calls inquiries by Corps of Engineers seeking property along Missouri River insensitive

Stennis Space Center invites public to free viewing of final space shuttle launch Friday~Also~Critics of ending space shuttle era say NASA is ignoring its 'backup plan' rule

Not one, is not unreasonable…
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Websites Told To Remove Video of BP's Hayward Deposition

Edwin Edwards' house arrest is over

Boston is more familiar with corruption than New Orleans
~James Gill

Pedicab success pivots on City Council opting for merit selection
~Alan Williams, The Lens

Blighted school-owned cottage draws neighbors' ire~Uptown Messenger
~Also~Celebrating Energy Independence with Joule Energy

Louisiana Legislator Girod Jackson back in the news and this time it is not for ripping folks off or getting no bid contracts from Jefferson Parish ~Slabbed

Jindal possessed, vetoes 3 bills that he's already signed!

Jim Hopkins on Gannett and the Future of The Town Talk and The News Star ~CenLamar

Black-white mix-ups in Louisiana small-town palette
~Carol Forsloff, Green Heritage News

Indian tribes welcome much-maligned Hurricane Katrina FEMA trailers

La. researcher uses light to grow bigger crawfish

Running of the Bulls in New Orleans
~In its fifth year, St. Fermin festival puts a New Orleans twist on a Spanish tradition

NOMA posts new video about Swoon’s “Thalassa”~Invade Nola~Also~War of the Worlds: Julia Street VS. St. Claude Arts Districts

Equinoctial ~Jack Hays, The Spring Ghazals

~"Gerbers", acrylic on canvas, 12 x 12"~Polly Jackson

Eat Lafayette campaign runs from June 20th -August 15th!
~Hat Tweet Ian McNulty

~Hat Tweet ~Nice post. Beautiful photos! RT : Commanders in New Orleans

Winesday~Blackened Out

Cream Biscuits~Serious Eats


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