Thursday, July 7, 2011

Road Home settlement will benefit nearly 1,500 homeowners

Eastern Gulf of Mexico system slightly better organized

Let them eat cake: The GOP Mantra is billions in giveaways for big oil but go f*ck yourselves on that wetlands problem you have ~Slabbed

Obama administration objects to bill with no funding for Louisiana wetlands projects

Corps freshwater project moves forward

As Flood Waters Recede, New Land Appears in West Bay~Delta Dispatches

Final gate on Morganza being closed

Several blame Army Corps of Engineers for MO River flooding

More oil than first stated in Yellowstone River pipeline leak
~Today the Department of Transportation said it took Exxon about twice as long as the company originally reported to plug a pipeline leak in Montana. That means much more oil than Exxon first stated has flowed into the swollen Yellowstone River. Locals complain that useful information is hard to come by.
And this afternoon, state officials walked out of Exxon's command center to establish an independent investigation. From the Marketplace Sustainability Desk, Eve Troeh reports.
~Oil from a ruptured ExxonMobil pipeline is seen in the Yellowstone River and along its banks near Laurel, Mont., Saturday July 2, 2011. The pipeline break was contained early Saturday morning but the spill stretched over dozens of miles. Photo: Matthew Brown / AP

Essence Festival Interrupts Racial Segregation in New Orleans
~Caroline Heldman

Sula Foundation summer fundraising drive!

LSU adds electric car chargers

Guest Blogger Arielle Schecter: Weird Shit from the New Orleans Public Library ~NOLAFemmes

Interview: St. Roch art impresario holds forth from Tasmania on the wreckage left behind
~Ariella Cohen, The Lens

~Hat Tweet @ the Pun~Kira “Gutter Gucci” Kaechele’s bagged on d carpet

The Beast Speaks, Interview with Nathaniel Zimet~Blackened Out

Press It Bistrot & Automat opening in CBD~Coleen Rush,

Air Sex Season 3: New Orleans
~Humid Beings

Running of the Bulls 2011: red, white and wine all over ~Gambit

Paying Musicians on Frenchmen–How Do We Do It? ~offBEAT

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