Wednesday, September 28, 2011

LinkJohn Goodman shows he knows what it means to miss New Orleans~Mike Scott's Petition to the President of the United States is Now Number One
~Editilla Dixclaimas~ In their usual style of making communicating with POTUS easier, the White House has added a few hoops, some snakes and ladders, one deep rabbit hole and a Kafka Mountain to jump over for your trip through Open Government:
You have to Register, Verify, Change Password, Sign Out, ...Sign In, then Click Sign.
Uuummm, thanks Baraaaaaahhhk!
~But, we can have faith that our signatures of champion support become that much more important -thus noticed- after traversing this Gauntlet of Democracy.
~~We will always be the ones left standing for New Orleans.

Mid-City Shooting Victim Rafael Delgadillo Loses Eyesight, Vigil Planned in Bayou St. John~NOLA DEFENDER

Child-psychology office on Maple rejected, but Taco Bell given green light on South Claiborne~Uptown Messenger

Audit finds that Criminal Court is holding money that should go to crime victims
~Matt Davis, The Lens

Street legal: Let’s make law fit our culture --not the other way around~Alan White
~Not only do we cherish our cultural idiosyncrasies, they are a critical part of our economy. Selling food and drinks at parades, showcasing crafts and fine art on the sidewalk, and playing music at curbside isn’t just lagniappe. It’s a livelihood for families across town and often the best career alternative for those who were failed by the city’s dysfunctional school system. Throughout our history, street work has been the humble beginning of many creative and driven people who have gone on to define New Orleans. It is also the fertile ground from which some of our city’s anchoring businesses and institutions have grown.

Gulf’ll be fine by 2013, right Ken? Not according to…~Disenfranchised Citizen

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