Saturday, October 1, 2011

In 1840, New Orleans was America’s third-largest city. Today, it’s 52nd
~The Economist

~NEW ORLEANS has been taxing demographers since the day six years ago when Hurricane Katrina burst the city’s levees, killing more than 1,000 people and setting off the greatest diaspora in recent American history.
~Editilla Rotellas da Velvetta Bidness News~ We are continuously repugnatized by journalists who still use Katrina Shorthand to miss-frame and misreport the cause of our city's devastation 8/29/05. Yet is with a more burrish chagrin that we find the Economist still sliding this spit-ball public relations propaganda. You'd think Economists would know better, that they would know the facts about our Federal Man Made Disaster. You'd think that BIDNESS PEOPLE would consider the liability and redress which They would Seek if Their BIDNESS had GONE UNDERWATER due to MISFEASANCE by the Corps of Engineers.
Such slipshod tar papering of the truth leads me to question the veracity of the whole article.
Perhaps The Economist actually (actuarilly) represents the Insurance and ReInsurance industry. Maybe they're just lying for the Industry so that our Flood Premiums in any man-made disaster anywhere in the world will remain high and tightly controlled.

Corps of Engineers loading towns with unfunded federal mandates

And now a word from Harry Shearer…

Gorgeous Vintage Maps of the Mississippi River’s Path Over Time
~Hat Tweet ~Also~ Long pic of all the maps laid out together! ~Pruned

Is Avondale’s owner sabotaging possible sale of the shipyard?~Mark Moseley, The Lens
~Photo courtesy of The Gamit!

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