Thursday, March 22, 2012

~All is not quiet on the Dirty Coast

Jabari Greer: Team has been painted unfairly as mercenaries

Crime and Punishment
~A.L. Mueler, NOLAFemmes

When a scapegoat wears Black and Gold
~Alejandro De Los Rios, Gambit

It's time for fans to lift the Saints up

An Unrepentant Saints Fan~CenLamar

Governor Jindal declares emergency after tornadoes, floods

St. Charles plans fight for west bank levee

Chevron, aka: "the BP of Brazil", Calls Brazil Oilspill Lawsuit "Outrageous"
~Chevron faces a whopping $11 billion in civil damages and its president in Rio, George Buck, could face upwards of 31 years in prison for spilling 2,400 barrels of oil far off the coast of Rio de Janeiro in early January. The spill took roughly four days to clean from the surface of the Atlantic, but as of last week tiny droplets of oil were still seeping from the well in Chevron’s Frade field, located in the oil rich Campos Basin.

Sacred Music Festival kicks off at New Orleans Healing Center
~Will Coviello, Gambit

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Anonymous said...

i'm a Saints fan till the end. period.