Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Saints Win!!!

Gleason 'resting, alert' after being taken to hospital

Louisiana sends 'Spirit of Louisiana' to NY
~Kinda strange in these parts to see a fire engine with NYFD on the front and sides. Then you look closer, and it has the seals of the New Orleans Fire Department. It also has Louisiana license plates. What Gives?

Finally Thinkin’ Small: But can we build on what we’ve learned? ~Placemakers
~As soon as the destructive path of Hurricane Sandy became evident, I got emails and calls from colleagues who, like me, worked in disaster recovery situations on the Gulf Coast. When the clean-up gets underway, could this be an opportunity for the Eastern Seaboard states to apply some of the rebuilding lessons of the Gulf after Katrina? Is there a role for Katrina Cottages?

Shrimp Leave Marshes en Masse Overflowing Boats ~LASPECKS.COM

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Tammy said...

I always think we need to be better prepared as a nation for these disasters. My dear friend lives in New Orleans and was impacted by Katrina and now we face the same fate in New York and New Jersey. What does impress me is how everyday people pull together.