Friday, November 9, 2012

By the Numbers: The 2012 Saints Through Eight Games ~SaintsWin

Eating Crackers Like Thanksgiving ~moosedenied ~Just when you think you've got this thing all figured out. Just when you think you've figured out exactly what this 2012 Saints team is, and how the rest of this script is gonna play out. SHOCKING PLOT TWIST! Like sands through the hourglass…
Seven sacks. A 99-yard pick-six. A season-low 226 passing yards allowed. An opponent goes 0-5 in the red zone and is actually outscored 7-6 on those 5 red zone trips. A season-best PTOMAC™ of 13. An actual Chris Ivory sighting! 140 offensive rushing yards at a clip of 5.6 per, including runs of 23, 22 and 19. Three cheers for the incompetence of the opponent! High five!
I suppose we probably should have seen this coming. After all, this thing has been a goddamn daytime soap opera ever since February 7, 2010. If not long before that. One incomprehensible plot twist after another, each more ridiculously convoluted and downright bizarre than the last. Why wouldn't the Good Saints show up out of the blue, a week after having been left for dead in Denver, just in time to thwart Stefano DiMera's latest evil scheme?

Disaster grant to aid New Orleans water system

Billions on Flood Barriers Now Might Save New York City Next Time

Addressing Urban Order ~Richard Capanella

Heart of Louisiana: 'Miracle' at Grand Coteau

Is that a steak in your pants or are you just glad to see me?

Roux the Day at Gumbo Fest ~Ian McNulty

Weekly Milk Run ~My Spilt Milk~Susan Cowsill, 10 p.m., Carrollton Station: our herolero will record a live album this night at the bar that has been her home venue in town.

Sudan S&PC Secondline 11/11 ~Urban Nola

Louisiana Bicentennial Military Parade in French Quarter Saturday

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