Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Levee group slams ASCE investigation~Mark Schleifstein
"They've had nine months now, and it doesn't take nine months to do the right thing,"
~Dr. Raymond Seed~Ladder Herolero!

Editilla must also throw hat to sky for Mark Shleifstein,
Sheila Grissett and the Times Picayune for staying so firm upon the safety of our levees and giving venue to the strong citizens of as they heroically
Kick ASCE 'N' Take Names! Hear the Beast stir...
Press Conference~WWLTV
And thank you blogofneworleans!
David Winkler-Schmit is right on top of this too.
Oh Hell Yeah! Now, the game is afoot...
--and The Foot is in the ASCECORPS's mouth!
Thank Goddess these Citizens and Real Engineers are staying on top of our levees!
Geaux American Engineering!!!

ASCE responds, to on ethics panels’ excessive delays, reneges on deal, breaks the 'Engineers' Trust'
sat on a levee leaky
eating his humble pie.
He stuck in his thumb
and one in his bum
and said "What an asshole am I!"
~The Masqued E'vinga!

~Our Herolero hangs upon da'Ladda, scans da'fetid water,
hunting the scene for fuckmookery, infamous
neobluggery, spinfiltraitors
...hungry for more revelry
in our city that care forgot not.

Army Corps has better things to do
~The New Orleans Levee

This bumper sticker was making the rounds in Lakeview until the Army Corps of Engineers decided that the public agency's logo was off limits - to the public.

The Prophecy ~Pierce O'Donnell

Corps Ought To Listen

Outrage in Idaho: Corps gets Feds to send man to prison for protecting town from flooding ~Bryan Fisher
~An aggressive Corps staffer tried to convinced the U.S. Attorney to prosecute Mr. Moses in 1995, and the U.S. Attorney told him to take a hike since the Corps had no jurisdictional authority to initiate legal action.

According to former state legislator Lee Gagner,
the Corps “discussed this process many times with him, but could not show where they had jurisdiction on the seasonal, intermittent stream.”
Gagner adds, “To this day they do not have written rules indicating this to be true.”
As far as Gagner knows, the Corps never completed what is called a “Jurisdictional Determination” that their own rules even gave them any authority over this particular intermittent stream. (Jurisdiction is determined on a case-by-case basis with intermittent streams.)

Start your day slabbed
Love us, hate us, curse us or just read us.
It’s an honor to speak for us, the slabbed.
Editilla shin'shillas~Galette l'infamie!

Appeals court to hear cases over Katrina deaths

City paid to gut houses set for razing~Gordon Russell

Gardiner is the right leader for racing ~James Gill

Ivins Responsible For Plame Outing And Hurricane Katrina ~Dandelion Salad

Seeing New Orleans through Street View ~Google
~Hat T'n'T-Stanford Rosenthal

Eye on the storm
~Viktorija Krulikas

Intrigued by the thought of choreographing a dance about a hurricane, Heather Maloy went to Greg Hammer of the National Climatic Data Center. He loaded her up with reading materials and videos, and Maloy began her research. The result, she says, “really follows the cycle of a hurricane.”

Sinn Féin

Jazz Students Lend Helping Hands in New Orleans
~all about Jazz

Randy Newman may be rock 'n' roll's renaissance man
~The singer/songwriter, already treasured for his deep and distinctive catalog, is in career overdrive. His album Harps andAngels, out this week, is drawing raves for its stylistic range and nimble wordplay.
He'll tour here and in Europe this fall. He's scoring Disney's animated
The Princess and the Frog,
set in New Orleans, for release in 2009.


Anonymous said...

That outrage in Idaho ought to be nationwide. What a story!

New Orleans Ladder said...

And add that to the other stories we hung yesterday and this week: The Corps wants to force a small PA town to accept am Army base expansion against the demands of all of the town's residents, city council and the Governor of the State...
And-- the way the Corps is building the border fence in Texas et al and basically just seizing peoples land without even just compensation.
And--how FEMA is telling small towns across the country that they should use the Corps for their flood control studies because the Corps is immune from lawsuits while independent engineers are liable...and adding that these small towns only have a short amount of time to get wit'it or not get Flood Certified.
And I ask you, oh slabbed one, when will this syndicato mafia type of extortion start to take on the definition of Corporate Antitrust or even RICO interstate criminal conspiracy?
When are we gonna have a Tea Party?

Anonymous said...

I do not know Editilla but if and when there's a tea party, keep you eye out for the host as it can be none other than the Mad Hatter.

New Orleans Ladder said...

HA! You know, I always loved that character and then Tom Petty came along and sealed the deal. I actually got to see him do that character in concert all dressed up like the video band and all (big stretch for Tom though, eh?:)...
Have you ever read any Niel Stevenson? May I recommend "Quicksilver", the first in a trilogy: "The Baroque Cycle" the 2nd and 3rd are: "Confusion" and "System of the World."
I have read them twice. They are based on the ancestry of the book "Cryptonomicon", which I have read at least twice.
I think the both of you would really enjoy this story, especially as our world becomes increasingly...slabbed.