Saturday, August 9, 2008


Thank you Terrebonne Levee & Conservation District.
Panel asks whether Morganza neglects to apply post-Katrina lessons ~Houma Courier
~Morganza Action Committee
~Voice of the Wetlands
~Save Our Wetlands

Everywhere you want to be
~Editilla d'Aphasia

Ethics finding to be public after all ~Mark Schleifstein
~Be They As Rats On A Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch?
~Editilla Crowillas~
This I call Fly'Smackin da'Spinfiltraitas! As in,
"He Dude! Your Fly is Open...SSSMMACK!!!"
"As president of the American Society of Civil Engineers, I have publicly stated ASCE's intention to release the findings of the Committee on Professional Conduct's ethics inquiry into allegations made by Prof. Seed. That position has never changed."
~Big Ace ASCE President Daniel Mongan
*He did not say when the investigation would be completed or the findings would be announced.

And yer oh'so humble Editilla ain't'sayin this has aaanyt'ing to do with biting ASCE on
Its Bovine Ass like Our Beloved Catahoulah,
--Not Letting Go until The Bull Comes to Heel? Naaaaah~HA!!!
But Oh Our Dogs Do Hunt, eh?
Ace Reporters Schleifstein and Grissett deserve Editillero Awards fo'doggin these bastads, makin'em cry Uncle'Daddy to'da Corps!
The Catahoula temperament is not well suited for everyone; these dogs are very protective of their territory and family, but are kind and gentle toward other dogs when on neutral ground.
Corps to add levee seepage protection ~Sheila Grissett

Corps to tear up, replace N.O. levee paths ~Just as residents may be gearing up to increase their walking and biking, some fear the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers may be tearing up some of the popular bike paths atop the levees in Orleans and Jefferson parishes.

Good Dog, Bad Dog, Watchdog
~Jeff Crouere

Like...buckin’ fuzzards,
State Farm Is There ~slabbed

NOLA radfem, Burning Time

Global Green Joins with Recovery School District and Neighborhood

How to Bring Innovative Ideas To a Machine-Politics State ~David Feith~Manhattan Institute Think'tankers Spinfiltrate New Orleans...
Steals State Bird for Own Image.

Your Ticket to Calamity, Lunch Included
~The dress code for visitors: no shorts, no sandals. Geiger counter mandatory. The destination: Chernobyl

Carnival abandons New Orleans -- at least for now

Distillery Tour:
Old New Orleans Rum ~rumdood

Wire creator David Simon chooses 'dream Treme' for new HBO drama

Here in New Orleans, it's two, maybe three degrees of separation ~Angus Lind

The 60-second interview with Rev. Run~Chris Rose

The Debut Release from the Wee Trio! National Tour Announced! ~all about Jazz


Anonymous said...

Great buzzard photo! I looked everywhere and couldn't find one like that- next time I'm asking the Ladder, almost did this time and look what I missed by holding back!

You have the gift, Editilla!

New Orleans Ladder said...

Well T'anks Doucit. Any time ya'need some carrion birds just caalll Editilla! hehehe it took a bit of wading through no small amount of political cartooning to get to actual pictures of actual vultures...(Hell, the Clarion Ledger Business Section alone to a day!:)

Anonymous said...

you'd think there would be more pictures - the darn things are all over the place (at least the ones I wrote about are)