Sunday, December 7, 2008


The Masqued E'vinga Stikes Again!
At least someone else still begs to differ...
Times Picayune Backs Up (To) Corps of Engineers on Levee!
"The failure of the Industrial Canal floodwall, which was overtopped by Katrina's surge,
resulted in its collapse and the inundation of the Lower 9th Ward."
~Silly Editilla falls to the floor in sarcastic pyroximations~
I had thought other Engineers, even the Corps, had told us that the floodwalls had failed and the levees were breached because of corrupted engineering, which resulted in the flooding of New Orleans on August 29th, 2005! It was Katrina all along!
Oh dear! It was a Natural Disaster --Not a Man-made Disaster!
Editilla pleads Nola contendere with apologies for having bothered y'all with all this... harangue'n of hands!
Who'dat Man In The Red Castle? My guess is we may never know --but we can certainly trust the Times Picayune to give us the existential narrative, eh? And, the Times Picyune wants you all to remember One Thing:
No matter what anyone else says about them, the Corps of Engineers is is is...
--"What you mean 'is', Kimosabe?"--
Reducing Risk in Louisiana by Building Strong!
~Snapshot of today's TP Advertorial for the Corps. --Curtsey, BellyFeel Safe. Newspeak Strong.
Snapshot, Mark Schleirstein's advertorial today. Click to enlarge.
So what are we, Protected Treasure or Booty at Risk?
Does anyone else see these goddamn ads all over this narrative?
Do I look like I have a Rhino horn stickin'outta my ass?
And BTW, Happy Birthday John Milton.
<--Tax-Paid Flash Ad lifted from the Times Picayune's site as evidence of this "news media's" ongoing Conflicts of Interest with the Corps.

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