Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Hunk da'Burnin Love da'Home!

OCD~Moldy City

Hank uberstanks
~Your Right Hand Thief

Three years out, city seems to sag
~Jarvis DeBerry
~"People who wonder how the Corps of Engineers is going to protect the city when some of its staffers blame New Orleans for Katrina's flooding may also wonder how Riley will protect the city if he's blaming the high incidence of crime on forces outside his control.
Is this is as good as it gets? We've got to hope it isn't.
Back in 2005, when he was launching his mostly successful push for levee boards reform, former State Sen. Walter Boasso declared, "The days of doing things half-assed are over."'

Times Picayune asks: "Are we too hard on the Corps?", Levees.org responds to UNO engineering professor's Christmas Day letter
Below: today's Corps Ops Ad War Against Democracy (COAWAD) on the Levees.org page.
Perhaps this virtual revenue flood of tax-payer funding is why the Times Picayune/nola.com keeps slyly asking
"Are we too hard on the Corps?" Poor Babies.

Who'da thunk such Cute Engineers could kill over 1200 Americans and try to Lie about it? Not even blink?
Who'dat think they gonna beat dem'Saints? Blink Me!
Click to enlarge and see other Corps ads on levees.org.
The worst service in New Orleans
~Ken Foster

Jena Six: Real Crime Victim:
Poor White People
~Jeff Crouere, BBuzz

~Editilla Shhhhrrrrillas~Like, if I were a taggert...
we'd see a pile of Republicans, a Pack of Zealots, Horde of Peccary, Pods of Congressional Pedophiles, a Gaggle of Palins... but, what we have heah is a fail'yah to CoMoonicate! Hee'yah?
Hee'yah we have a gathering of two or more ignorant poor whites: a Klux of Klan! And Pay No Attention, sayz da'Wizad Crouere,
to DAT'NOOSE HANGIN in da'Tree!

--Or the Klan Rape Training Camp just east of this Eden!
--Or forced sterilization for poor black women!
--Or David Duke, Vitty Scents, The Exorcist!
Hahahaha, the Reaper Laughs like a Rhesus Monkey,
since Death Knowles it is all pink on the inside. Hahahaha.

What a surprise! Deputy Commissioner of MID joins law firm representing State Farm ~slabbed

The Soul of New Orleans
~Julia Reed, Garden & Gun

~Special Editilla Tip'n'Tanks to Thomas Builds-the-Fire over at A Drug Called Tradition. Y'all go and give'em some who'dat special kind'bud love'dubbinations... since they getting all nervous about gettin'any Sugar in they Bowl this year! Hahahaha. Rooolllll Tide! Unless you play our Tigers, then its "Piss Off Yankee Punks!"
Hahahahahaha... I mean, on one hand you have the Graceful Southern Gentlemen and on the other a bunch of Cross-Dressed Out Mormons who have the gall say they understand Jazz after they stole the name for their basketball team. On one hand you have Roll Crimson Tide. On the other you have... Lake Meade? Utes? WTF is a Ute? Sounds like a defecated masticulation. HA!

Support The New Orleans Women's Health Clinic!~elle

Bush aides say Katrina was the turning point -- but where were progressives?
~Chris Kromm, Facing South

Judge rejects class-action status in trailer suits
~Michael Kunzelman

Ike, Gustav most expensive 2008 disasters~Geir Moulson

Tennessee: Corps to dredge river around Kingston plant

Black eyed peas and cabbage
~the mosquito coast

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