Thursday, January 1, 2009


Special thanks~NODP

Leave the bonfires to the pros
~People Get Ready

Mississippi on rise at BR;
no flood likely~Amy Wold

AP interview: MS Gov Barbour expects '09 Medicaid growth

Posse Comitatus - Comatose?

Defensive blogging
~ MAJ Jakob Bruhl

"I did not intend to condone these particular actions on the part of my Corps. I intended to use this story as an example of one way we can engage new media in ways other than just running our own blogs. As for "defensive blogging", I do think it is a valid way to engage the public we support.
However, I think the way CENTCOM handles it is the right way - completely open and upfront about who is making the post - unlike the way this was seemingly done on"

Flood-control dams eyed for energy potential

Centenary College students continue to help rebuild
New Orleans

In Sum~Appetites

Salad days are ahead in '09
~Judy Walker

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