Friday, January 2, 2009


Earth Observatory Photos of '08
~The waters of the Barents Sea off the northeast coast of Norway (bottom left) were bright with a bloom of phytoplankton on August 12, 2008, when the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Aqua satellite passed overhead and captured this photo-like image.

Holy City of Nola Loses Angel
~casa de Charlotte della luna

Helen Hill: An Unfinished Story
~Jason Berry

NoLA Rising Answers Silence is Violence Call to Action!
~Humid City

We understand, Mr. President, we haven’t recovered from Katrina either ~slabbed

Gulf officials discuss hurricane evacuation problems

Social activist, organizer ... and FBI informant~David Hanners
~In a federal courtroom in Minneapolis this month, the public transformation of Brandon Darby will become complete.
In the span of four years, he has gone from firebrand, never-trust-the-government activist in New Orleans to the confidential informant who helped the FBI arrest two Texas men on suspicion of building firebombs during the Republican Convention.
Darby operated in and around the Austin community for about 6 years, and this is the same Brandon Darby who participated in the Common Ground Collective in New Orleans during 2005-2006.
More from the Austin Community here.

Blogs Over Baghdad
~Welcome to the blog site of the Army Reserve’s 314th Public Affairs Operation Center while it is in Iraq during 2009.

Military Contracts

Deadline for Hurricane Ike FEMA aid is Jan. 12

Sugar Bowl brings out Katrina volunteers~Susan Edwards

Year eventful for La weather
~Amy Wold

Shrimp and Grits~Chris Berry

Ya Gotta Love Molly
~Merle's Third Try

Galactic Expands New Orleans Sound~Curtis Ross

A Free Music Lesson that Money Couldn't Buy

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