Thursday, October 22, 2009

Corps of Engineers Plays Chicken, State Blinks, Bad Flood Walls Will Stay in New Orleans

Corps re-starts work on three outfall canals, says it's
Their Way or the Flood Way,
State Assumes Position

Despite vowing not to let the Army Corps of Engineers begin permanent hurricane protection work on the city's three outfall canals, the state is giving them the green light.
Despite their vow not to allow any work until the best flood protection plan was guaranteed, construction is beginning on the cheaper, faster, badly designed, poorly implemented Option

Silted In~Fix the Pumps

Corps Offers Sham'Wow on Eve of MR-GO Ruling, Options Scam
In an effort to divert Public Attention away from their latest Pump House Gang Bang of New Orleans at the Outfall Canals, Corps OPP PR (COPPPR) has a humming dinger of an offer for the American Public: 1 UnFinished Surge Wall, Minus working Gates, nearly 1 Year Behind Schedule and also, If yer'real sweet, the Corps will throw in, get this, NO WARRANTY! That's right folks! If It Breaks You Own It! The biggest big thing every built big in the, well, whole big world! BIGBIGBIG!!! That's your ASCECORPS: BIG THEM! When they finally finish, that is.
Watch as Project Hope'A'Dope Director, Mxz Karen "Bull" Durham-Aguillera, say on TeeVee, with predatory gesticulation and a barracuda grin, "This project is bigger than Dope!"

MS Levee board challenging Corps’ decision to avoid plan
~If the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has its way, the Two Lakes Flood Control and Economic Development Plan will be dead in the water. However, local officials say the corps doesn’t have the authority to kill the plan, and are challenging the federal agency’s decision to refuse to study the proposal that supporters say would curb flooding along the river and generate millions, if not billions, of dollars in economic development for the capital city.
At its meeting on October 12, the Rankin-Hinds Pearl River Flood and Drainage Control District (levee board) voted 7-0 to ask the corps to agree to a previous resolution to study the plan, as well as all other viable options for flood control on the river between Hinds and Rankin counties.

Honore calls for preparedness
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Computer model predicts hurricane power outages

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