Friday, October 23, 2009

Lolis Eric Elie drinks Corps Red
Cool Aid: says Katrina Did It!

~Editilla Cool Hand Loops~ What we have heyah is a fail'ya ta'comoonicate and we're not going to take it any more.
No More Katrina Shorthand. It's the Levees, Stupid.
Sorry, journalists are no longer allowed to write an entire article about the future of New Orleans without stating how we got to this point post 8/29/05, to wit: Man Made Disaster.
If they do continue this Lie, then they will hear from Editilla, and we will post them on this Ladder so our Gentle'rilla readers will see them and beware this Idiot Wind. Man Made-vs-Natural Disaster is a difference that makes a difference.
While this journalists is busy misstating the cause of our city's devastation, and omitting any references to the actual crime, the culprits are being allowed to operate with seeming impunity and no checks by the local media...ASCECORPS, grrrrr.
Reminds Editilla of growing up in Mississippi in the laid-back 60s.
Now, we live in a Post Agrarian South, right? HA! BOO'DAT!
The point here is that Katrina hit Mississippi, the Corps hit New Orleans. We do not live, in reality, in "Post Katrina", but in "Post Federal Flood of '05", Post Corps Flood, Post National Disaster, Post Civil Engineering Failure. We like Post Federal Flood PFF.
We don't understand how Mr. Elie can do this lazy Katrina Shorthand journalism in the above article, reporting on Future Planing, and yet show us his contextual acumen in the following article, of survival --despite fixating on the term "Post-Katrina".
And for what it's worth, Editilla really really likes L.E. Elie.

N.O. man on a mission to save city's oak trees~Lolis E Elie

The Long and Short of Long-Form Journalism
~Mark Reynolds

Public Letter To Louisiana Senator Vitter Over Bardwell Incident ~Stephen Sabludowsky

Judge clears the way for VA lawsuit

FDA Proposes Raw Oyster Ban

Coastal Consortium formed, Louisiana universities partner to facilitate coastal research ~Hullabaloo

Stirring da'Pot
~Cody Daigle

~The Blackpot Festival and Cook-off, which first made its appearance on the festival scene in 2006, has charted a quick ascendance among local festivalgoers.

Combining a killer lineup of local and national roots, Cajun and Zydeco music acts with a cookoff that celebrates traditional black pot food preparation, the festival has carved a unique niche for itself in festival culture.

Please welcome Sydney’s First Lady of Noir Soul – Donné
~Toby Smith

James Booker – Gonzo
~Funky 16 Corners

When a child star grows up
~Nancy Dunham

Anders Osborne spikes his new songs with his latest struggles
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