Tuesday, December 29, 2009

“First get your facts. Then you can distort them at your leisure.”
~Your Right Hand Thief

Airport Security: Everything but Accountability~Harry Shearer
~If employees at the TSA (or the Corps of Engineers) see that there are no career consequences for dramatic and/or catastrophic screwups (for the latter, see New Orleans, 2005), they will have learned a regrettable lesson: there is no price to be paid for failure. In that direction lies more failure.

A Phrase Sets Off Sniping After a Crisis~Peter Baker

More Photos from Iran Unrest ~Payvand News
An opposition supporter stands near a police motorcycle set on fire during clashes with security forces in Tehran on December 27

World War III museum planned
~The New Orleans Levee

St. Bernard Parish breaks ground on new public works facility in Chalmette
~Bob Warren
~The Public Works Yard will cost around $1.8 million and consolidate the functions of five buildings that were destroyed by the Corps of Engineers in 2005, the parish government said in a news release.

Henry Wants To 'Re-Engineer' New Orleans ~WDSU

A mind is like a parachute. If it doesn’t open, you’re f#@%*d! ~slabbed

Habitat for Humanity Used, Distributed Chinese Drywall in New Orleans Following Hurricane Katrina
~Murphy Law Firm

Audit cites problems with program, Disaster expenses reviewed~Michelle Millhollon

Child-Governor Of Hurricane- Ravaged Louisiana Tries To Block Climate Change Regulation
~Think Progress

The decade that came and went...click to enlarge.
Satellite Imagery from Landsat-7 and WAVCIS...9 years apart.

Shrimp dispute has fishermen confused~John DeSantis

Canal Expansion Sets Off Race Among Gulf Ports~Alan Sayer

Minnesota, Ohio join lawsuit against Illinois over Asian carp
~Mark Guarino

Elder continues Mardi Gras Indian craft~Katherine Schmidt
~Isaac Edwards had been sewing Mardi Gras Indian costumes for 69 years. Mr. Ike, as he is called, wasn't going to let a Corps Flood stop him from continuing that tradition.
Here he sits next to a small sample of his Mardi Gras Indian bead work at his house on Willow Street in Houma.

Dome Field Advantage! ~NOLAFemmes

Lucky dogs in New Orleans
~Safe & Sound blog, adventures of a woman and her seeing eye dog
~I wish y’all could have seen the big smile on my face when a message from the New Orleans Public Library turned up in my “in box” a few weeks ago.
Milton H. Latter Memorial Branch on St. Charles wanted to know if I’d come visit as a guest storyteller on Dec. 29, you know, while the kids are out of school for their holiday break. I couldn’t get my fingers on the y-e-s keys fast enough!

Santa's Little Brother attempts to steal small-plane, escape from Patriot'land, makes it until end.. of runway
~Santa's Little Brother, the one they don'talk about, AKA: Calvin Cox, got himself stranded in Maryland somehow, who knows when, probably a long time ago. Hell, maybe he stole Santa's sleigh one Christmas and couldn't fly it either, made it as far as Maryland? Maybe there is something going on 'tween Santa and him, kinda like a fallen'angel thing,,, like maybe Little'Bra became a Patriot Fan? And, well, obviously Santa is a who'dat... I mean, SAINT Nick... always laughing and callin'hos...
gets dressed up once a year to spread good cheer...

Interview with Walker Percy
~The Truth Will Make You Free

Ray Davies's heaven on earth: New Orleans~I might have been shot while chasing thieves in New Orleans almost exactly six years ago, but that's never put me off the city. I'd walked the same street countless times without incident and New Orleans will always be one of my favourite places in the world.

High school marching bands learn classic New Orleans songs
~Aariel Charbonnet

The Year in Music
~Noah Bonaparte Pais

Keith Spera rolls rock on the best local CDs of 2009

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