Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Who'dat Just Left Chicago...#1 Glory'Bound for New Orleans

More New Orleans Saints anthems hit the airwaves
~Molly Reid

$3M grant to help rebuild decimated coastal reefs
~Harlan Kirgan

EPA used ‘backdoor' on greenhouse rule, critics say
~Jeremy Alford

Top-rate attorney didn't plan on law ~Kris Wernowsky
~Matt Schultz was part of a legal team of more than a dozen attorneys from across the country who helped secure a federal court ruling against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in favor of families affected by the flooding that ravaged homes in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. "It denuded all of the wetlands that act as a natural surge buffer. The channel grew three times its original design. They didn't take proper precautions along the levees," Schultz said. "It's important to remember that Katrina didn't sock New Orleans. The Army Corps of Engineers socked New Orleans."

New Orleans' venerable jazz joints at risk~Rick Jervis
~Editilla Matrix'lixas~
We just want to give Rick Jervis the Blue Pill.. or the Green Pill... or whateva Pill --until he Gets It that Katrina missed New Orleans and devastated MS but the Corps of Engineers hit New Orleans and killed over 1000 American Citizens. The good folks at, and the new cool blog On Levee Failures and a Weather Event, are nice people, waging a relentless campaign to rid us of such lazy journalists' Corps'pawned Katrina Shorthand misstatements of Fact.
But, after trying that way and contacting these offending parties, Editilla has moved past that and is Not Nice about this anymore and would gladly drag this gadfly faux'gumshoe into the street screaming at him: "You Idiot! Why can't you forking get it right? IT'S THE LEVEES STUPID!" But barring that, I hope our Gentle'rillas will join me in communicating Yet Again to Mr Jervis and his bosses that we expect factual reporting from USA Today. Toll'em I sent'ya!

What would it take to fully recover?~Heber Taylor

Jim Brown on airline security and the latest would be terrorist: Great Balls of Fire! ~slabbed

Levees Proving Less than Reliable to the North WA

Readiness & Survival in an Uncertain World: 3 Things You Can Do to Prepare Right Now!
~General Russel Honore', the commander in charge of the post-Katrina recovery, suggested that the most important lesson we should have taken from the Katrina disaster is that we have, as a population, lost our ‘survival’ instincts.
In a pre-world war II society, argues Honroe’, Americans maintained a ‘culture of survival’ where independence, self-sufficiency and rainy-day preparation were simply a way of life. Long term food and water storage and collection, along with essential survival tools and skills were commonplace in those days; people were realistic enough to know that in a severe emergency, they would have to rely upon themselves, not FEMA.
In fact, FEMA didn’t exist, at least not in the form or function as it does today. Our complacency toward personal survival today, argues General Honroe’, has crippled us.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court outlines emergency powers, duties of county courts
~Jim Hook
~A county judge in Pennsylvania can cancel trials and jury duty in the wake of a catastrophe.
The power is outlined in rules that the state Supreme Court ordered Monday. The 13 pages of rules tell how Pennsylvania Courts of Common Pleas will operate during a pandemic, natural disaster or other public emergency.

What is Money When the System Collapses?~The Survival Mom

Teacher program taking off in La. ~Will Sentel

My First Tracheotomy
~Crescent City Hack

New Orleans film classic Jezebel named to National Film Registry
~Dominic Massa

Poppy Z. Brite: Second Line
~Will Coviello

~Editilla Crowtellas~ As usual Coviello does the best "reviews" by making them "interviews", so we get the soup on this author along wit'da baguette to handle the rest.
Editilla wants everyone to go check out the comments and Stand On Finn Mac'Fuckmook. It is always those who don't who think they can. Mean People Suck, Nice People Swallow...
--New Orleanians bite back.

Silence is Violence benefit Sat: Dinerral shavers education fund ~Gambit

LiveDaily Interview:
Richard Vogel of Galactic

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Ima Wizer said...

It's SO true about survival instincts and getting prepared for yourself and don't rely on anyone, especially FEMA. Since the Bush regime, I have had a stockpile of water and food! I knew he was useless to come to our aid in ANY emergency....I wized up!