Thursday, December 31, 2009


Editilla say, 2010 Bring It On ~Private Symbols
~Editilla Crowwwtellas~New Blogger Alert Thingy Yeah! Blogger In My Back Yard! NBATY BIMBY!
Yaasssah! Show me a Sign! Found a new blog'thingy yea'n'verily to start the new day wit'da JS Day. This fool, ahem, now loyal reader made the mistake of leaving a comment and, yes, complimenting your New Orleans Ladder! Snap Rattle'N'Hum!
Mwhahahaha silly blogger, now we have them!
Do go check out their other blogs too. This one above is just the one I picked for the extremely cool pict'chas.
Bit on that note, we'd like to thank all of our new blogger friends from this past year, many of whom we've seen dis-(ahem), graced, hung up'n'down this Ladder wit'care. And we do care, a precious endowment of hope and survivability, resting in a nuptial bed of Love and Grief, Sinn Féin, New Orleans.

New Year's Eve in New Orleans won't lack for music~Keith Spera
~Also~ Martha Alguera,

Why do people confess to crimes they didn’t commit? ~slabbed

Reflecting On Ten Years Of Change~Cliff's Crib

Listomania: The Decayed Decade

You don't have to put on the red light cameras
~Oyster @ Humid Beings

Process Matters: The Revolver Fund and the Chevron Deal
~We Could Be Famous

Maitri's VatulBlog


DHH to cut 450 jobs
~Michelle Millhollon

Disaster Questions~SEMP

Red River Flooding Solution Is a Problem to Some~Monica Davey

Investors see farms as way to grow Detroit~P.J. Huffstutter

New Orleans, Louisiana -Hurricane Katrina Sculpture

~Scrap House~Thanks Youz, Ponchartrain Pete

Outrageous Fortune~Culturebot

Waxing and Lamenting – Jim Russell Records in New Orleans
~State of the Re:Union

Catching Up: Plunge, Asmussen, Koorax~Rifftides

New Orleans is the One I Love SONOMA
~Business Musician's Blog

Let's All Go Down To New Orleans - Live At the Palm Court Jazz Cafe'
~Louisiana Music Factory


Anonymous said...

Love the piece on Jim Russell Records (Waxing and Lamenting - Jim Russell Records in New Orleans ~ State of the Re:Union), but it looks like the link has changed to:

Editilla said...

Hey Thanks Youz for the heads up!
Duly re-linked.