Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bonnie barely alive~Wunderblog
~Tropical Depression Bonnie is barely clinging to life. Wind shear of 25 knots and dry air from an upper-level low pressure system over the Gulf of Mexico are taking their toll on Bonnie, which is now just a swirl of low clouds accompanied by a small clump of heavy thunderstorms on the north side of the center of circulation. These thunderstorms are now visible on New Orleans long range radar, and will arrive in coastal Louisiana early this afternoon, well ahead of the center. The Hurricane Hunters are in Bonnie, and have found a much weaker storm with top winds of just 30 mph.

Ships to move back to the oil area

Gulf spill lessons: blog more than goddamn once/month? ~Ecoconnect
~Editilla Hotellas~ We touched up the title there a tad ahem. One of our padnas sent us this one to Editillarant on, but frankly so much has happened in the past month that that is all I have to say about it. Ha! HA! Get off the dipstick folks.
I read the piece, and have No Problem Paying Tax Dollars To Any Scientists to come down here and jump in this Oil Crime. Hell, if we don't snag them for the People's Witness then BP will snatch them up like Expert Candy.
That is a fact as borne out by the sell-out of Ivor van Heerden and his doing blow-job Advomercials downplaying Wetlands Impacts for BP.
I think the Ecoconnects, and the Smart Planets, and the Planetizens need to get off of their Bourgeois Naivete Assitzens and get on top of this Oil Crime! After directing 8 Memphis Earth Day Celebrations from 1990, I'm embarrassed by the Mouse'cockiness of our current Environmentalists Mainstream. These are Not the People who started Earth Day, a day which will live now in Infamy. April 22, 2010. 4/22
What a herd of Fuckless Meeses! Jeezus!
Al Gore got himself a marital problem (and no small amount of family oil stock) and he's off the grid. Sierra Club is less than whining... more like Mewling. Why isn't EVERYONE Crossing 65' Lines Here? Because this country has gone to the Mall in a Hand Basket?
What we've got hea'yah is a fail'yah ta'comoonicate!
What we have here is a grievous blow to the veracity of expert court testimony.
So hell yeah, let's get all the scientists from around the country on the Gulf Coast now. But then again, the rest of the country will find itself dealing with this Oil Crime in their own backyards, physically, really. So maybe we'll need smart people there too paying attention.
But one thing is becoming apparent to me, to wit: if we don't do it as a People, then these preternational corporations are just going to Suck Our Blood.
I'm beginning to wonder if they even need consumers any longer.
Thanks, Meercat! And thanks Natalie Portman As 'Black Swan', Touche!

Clare Bayard, "A Slow Motion Katrina"
~Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Feinberg: “BP delaying relief payments”~Disenfranchised Citizen

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