Monday, July 19, 2010

Feds let British Petroleum keep Crown

Thad Allen Says Team Observing Macondo Well for Seepage and Possible Methane~Georgianne Nienaber
~Editilla Say~Seapin' Seabeds Batman!!!!!

BP hires company to handle oil spill claims whose goal is "reducing payouts" for clients~Criss Kromm, ISS

Cleanup pay will be deducted from oil claims~John DeSantis
~Oil Spill Lawsuits: BP Spending Big To Acquire An Army Of Expert Witnesses~Humid Beings~But! But! What Would Ivor Say?? WWIS???

As the sand berms turn:
Slabbed goes on assignment,
Drake adds outstanding analysis

Let The River Run Through It: Harnessing the Mississippi to Save Louisiana's Wetlands from the Oil Spill ~EDF

Obama's Fifth Gulf Coast Visit Really Helps A Lot

Federal inquiries on oil rig incidents spotty, review finds~Marc Kaufman

BP should face criminal probe for its role in freeing Lockerbie bomber, Sen. Chuck Schumer says
~Erin Durkin

Robbing New Orleans to Pay for BP's Spill~Mac McClelland

41 days 2 year 5:
A Photographic Journey

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Live web-casts from 'Tales of the Cocktail' in New Orleans


Anonymous said...

Now the capping stack is leaking too.

Basically BP and the gov't are gambling that the shut in well won't mess up stuff too much until the relief well finally kills it. Perception and PR matter more than safety and caution.

Take the everchanging "good" pressure rating. Funny how 8k is good a few days ago, but since this well falls well short of that it's now 6,800k.

Remember the Challenger? No way would the gov't let something risky proceed solely to score political points.

The problem with lying is that nobody believes you when you do tell the truth. Even if the well is okay, there's no reason for me to believe them and every reason to disbelieve.

Additionally it doesn't help that the gov't officials in this mess might as well draw a BP paycheck for all of their so-called independence.

And sadly the architects of this disaster will only endure the hardship of floating down on a golden parachute.

Editilla said...

They gonna float aw'right.
E Pluribus Piem
The American Pie Party
At least we give'em they just desserts!

Horatio Algeranon said...

"We're in a good position to not have a catastrophic event"

[As long as she don't blow] "we'll just gain more confidence... "

-- BP's senior vice president of exploration and production Cant Wells (aka, Captain Ahab)