Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gulf Coast states lag behind others in getting contracts for oil disaster work~Ariella Cohen, The Lens
~judyb1954 'No way' for BP to make shrimpers whole http://bit.ly/a7dYWi #oilspill
~Editilla @judyb1954 They were on NPR http://n.pr/bQhqzT the Chauvins, very fine people. What a story, 5 Generations of shrimpers #oilcano #bpcares

"Graveyard Of The Gulf"
by Nick Zantop~Plutonian Mac

A letter from the Gulf Coast from me to you tonight~Green Heritage News

Today in BP Oil Disaster: Day 92 ~Gambit

News Sites Trying New Approaches to Handling Anonymous Comments
~As risks of Twitter brevity become clear (above), Twitter’s usefulness to crowd sourcing turned Georgianne Nienaber on to a great story for Huffington Post: Coast Guard Petty Officer Rachel Polish is spokesperson of the Deepwater Horizon Response team. A reservist, her day job is with the public relations company that represents BP.
Nienaber said tips poured into her Facebook page and were on target. Polish is a branding specialist whose job at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide includes many of her Coast Guard responsibilities and vice versa.


Mac said...

New post I fid of Nick Zantop photos, powerful stuff. Check them out, Editilla:


Editilla said...

Thanks Mac'mon! Yer'on.
Sinn Féin

Georgianne said...

and Editilla was a huge help in breaking the Rachel (no joke) Polish angle. A colleague through and through.

Editilla said...

Well thanks GN!
Some people can smell PR like on their shoe ya'know?
Your article however is the first time someone has nailed BP Fed Unified Command (BPFUC) at being spinfiltrated by Paid Professional Public Relations (PPPR:)...
I mean, these freaky weirdos showed up in your comments section!
We don't understand these animals. Yet we can smell them... at the bottom of...