Saturday, July 31, 2010

Plaquemines Parish Pres. Nungesser stops boom-laden trucks
~St. Bernard Parish President Craig Taffaro also says he won't allow removal of any oil spill cleanup equipment from staging areas in his parish.
~La. delegation clashes on ban
~BRAF to direct BP grants

BP trying to sneak out before cleanup has ended~Thanks, Katrina

Fishermen arrested in Bayou La Batre, Ala after blockade protesting getting little oil cleanup work

No Place Like Home
~Bob Edwards presents interviews over the next six weeks or so, beginning with Times Picayune environment reporter Mark Schleifstein who got 12 feet of water in his house from Katrina after co-authoring that series of article called Washing Away which warned everyone of the danger. He’ll share the first show with environmental sociologist Shirley Laska, a professor at the University of New Orleans who founded CHART, the Center for Hazards, Assessment, Response and Technology. You can hear those first two conversations on Wednesday, August 4th on the Bob Edwards Show and then a few days later on Bob Edwards Weekend. Notella~This weekend Bob interviews Herolero Jon Cleary!

Chasing Ghosts ~American Zombie
~"We're ready to believe you.
Who ya gonna call?

~Anon Comment~Having been through Katrina and watched this whole area teeter and then right itself because of the people, not the Gov or the NGOs or the contractors who descended on us and sucked money out of our recovery funds like disaster junkie hyped up vampires, I am sickened to read this blather, these banal phrases of yours. The water is not okay, it doesn't look okay, the animals we usually see out there are not there. There were lots of them suffering in the oil, and now they are not there to be seen much at all. Dead. Yes. Many are dead.

~Hat Tweet~judyb1954
~ The_Gambit Despite Federal order limiting use of dispersants, Coast Guard approved every #bp request to do so

Should I pack the tarballs in my carry on?~Bayou Girl

Twitter Not Working (For Us, Anyway) -Oil Spill Updates~SkyTruth
~Today's MODIS / Aqua satellite image of the Gulf seems to have good illumination conditions for showing oil slicks and sheen east of the Delta. We don't see much indication of the widespread sheen that was present on the July 28 imagery, although a large part of that oily-looking area is south and slightly west of the Delta and obscured by clouds on today's image. Stay tuned, this continues to be a very dynamic event.

Oiled marshes may grow back, scientists say ~Nikki Buskey

Oil, oil (still) everywhere~Gambit

Scientists point to better way to safer drilling ~TP editorial
~Robert Bea, a University of California Berkeley engineering professor who is in the study group, told Bloomberg News that regulators should halt drilling "on a case-by-case basis" and not indiscriminately. Specifically, the group called for regulators to focus on wells with "a history of abnormal repetitive well-control events" or substandard or poorly tested blowout preventers. They suggested new requirements for blowout preventers and that an individual regulator be assigned to every troubled rig to ensure compliance with safety requirements.
They also suggested that a centralized authority staffed by petroleum engineers monitor deepwater wells, with the authority to immediately shut down any rig flouting the rules. Mr. Bea equated it to the power of "a bank examiner who closes the bank, then asks for explanations."

DMR reopens Mississippi S Sound to fishing and consumption

Officials working to resolve levees, flood issues~Alexandria Town Talk
~JOINT HEARING with the Subcommittee on Disaster Recovery "Flood Preparedness and Mitigation: Map Modernization, Levee Inspection, and Levee Repairs"

29 Days 2 Year 5:
A Photographic Journey


K. said...

Billy Nungesser is a grandstander who likes seeing his name in the news.

"“Billy is frustrated because after 100 days, he still doesn’t know who’s in charge."

Cleanup involves municipal, county and parish, state, and a dozen federal agencies, and BP. There's no communications model or protocol for something like this. If Billy would put an effort into learning how to work within the constraints of this reality instead of looking for every opportunity to grab headlines, he might get something done. If he's too dumb to figure it out, he ought to turn the job over to someone who can.

Editilla said...

I suppose all the other coastal parish presidents are grandstanding as well?
St Bernard Parish President said the same thing. You seem to have missed this salient detail.
You also seem oblivious to the disingenuous double-dealing and outright lies that BP, the US Coast Guard, NOAA et al have perpetrated in managing the public's expectations of this spill response.
Also, you should try yourself to get information from "the source" about anything regarding this crime. I did, and they gave me a BP Federal Unified Command (BPFUC) 3rd Class Petty Officer from Public Affairs (read Public Relations) who had no answers and only wanted a Lot of personal information from me.

Before you so disparage our leaders who stand at the front of this catastrophe every day and night, I would expect you to learn more about what is actually going down on the ground in Louisiana.
They are FUCKING US and your President has consistently played an Ivy League game of Go Fish with people who really know how to cheat at Poker. Either he is this fucking clueless or he is in on the game.
The PRESS is ON with this New Rebranding of this catastrophe, a full court PR PRESS.
I'm sick of Obama's PR management of this crisis, sick of BP's PR dominance of this crisis, but most nauseated by "Progressives" who are swallowing all of this advertising like semen from a glory hole.

The oil IS NOT GONE, K.
We are not on the Down Slope here.
Please stop trying to defend and advance BP/Obama propaganda.
Face your President, write him (as have I often, but nicely) and ask him WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?
But stop trying to pick on Louisiana leaders just because they don't belong to your party.
Mean people suck, nice people swallow.

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

K, I apologize for the hardness in my comment to you.
We're getting completely fucked down here, I don't care what you think your're seeing on TV.