Tuesday, August 31, 2010

As a test of journalistic accuracy, who knows the difference between Man'made and Natural Disaster?
~Editilla Axes because it seems that Stephanie Grace, nothing personal - her industry, would rather Name The Flood of New Orleans 8/29/05 after a Natural Event rather than call it by its true nature, its actual reality, to wit: Federal Flood, Corps Flood, Corps Failure, Federal Responsibility.
We finally got these people to at least tag the end of their statements with "Katrina (and the levee failures...)". Though some actually speak accurately of this Engineering Mistake, so many others in the media take the easy Reference to Katrina, the shorthand jive because it is easier than looking the killer in the eyes. It is still much easier for these journalists to blame The Flood on Katrina, than get the answers to what facts were observed to the contrary before the Corps of Engineers began covering the evidence of their misdeeds with more misdeeds.
Katrina 5, Post-Katrina, PK5... I'm sick of this because it is wrong.
~What's in a Name? Was it a Holocaust???
-or just a Final Solution to which some may agree or disagree on the efficacy?
~Was it Crucifixion of Man's Sins or Martyrdom to a Cause???
-or just a lousy way to hang out for Easter Weekend?
~Was Timothy McViegh a Militia Patriot who killed 167 American Citizens
--and a Day Care Center packed with children???
-or was he more like a Muslim Extremist who killed thousands on 9/11?
~Is Sarah Palin really a goddamned fucking idiot???
-or is she simply a finely crafted branding, a Piece of Handmaiden's Tale?
The people who flooded New Orleans have names -I don't care how Nameless they try to pass themselves off as in local blogging clubs. These perps who killed 1000s of tax-paying New Orleanians HAVE NAMES, just as their crime HAS A NAME. The Former may be lost on the Floodwall of Shame & Cowardice, as no one was disciplined and all have been transferred or promoted, but the Latter belongs to us, the Inglorious Basterts effected by this Criminally Negligent Homicide.
When talking to people after Harry Shearer's documentary Big Uneasy last night, I realized that now you can say "The Flood of New Orleans" and people know Exactly what you're talking about. The Flood. The Flood of New Orleans...
---just like The Battle of New Orleans. Sinn Féin
While other cities will get struck by other hurricanes, how many will fall to the broken engineering of our Exquisite Corps? Sinn Féin
It wasn't some amorphous Brand for Bureaucratic Circle'jerkoff named Katrina.
It wasn't Mother Nature. It wasn't The President. It wasn't We The People.
It was Criminal Negligence by the US Army Corps of Engineers.
Sinn Féin and FYYFFs!
Fuck you army corps of engineers. You are so full of yourself, and you don’t have clue fucking one. Building levees on jello. You should be tried and convicted of treason, or mass murder.
Fuck you all, let’s give our money to the Dutch – they seem to have this shit figured out.

~~Thank you,
Ashley Morris.
~ Editilla @TheLensNOLA Let's put her in da'ground. If you meet Katrina on the Road Home kill her. Flood+5, PF5, #PostFlood #nola #levees #TheBigUneasy

~LeveesOrg HARRY SHEARER: "Ticked off that we in New Orleans were losing control of the narrative of our own near destruction." http://bit.ly/9olrlC

Consider Yourself Warned
~Garland Robinette

~After seeing Harry’s movie my lack of belief in the Corp was verified with stone cold proof. The Corp is incompetent and understaffed (that is with people who know what they are doing). They will go after their critics in order to destroy their reputations. They are an undefeatable force, because they ARE our political process. They are liars, extremely powerful and not to be trusted… period. I see no way that anyone, in low lying areas of New Orleans could watch Harry Shearer’s movie and feel safe. The levees are barely safer than they were before Katrina. The pumps are practically useless, as reported by an Army Corp whistle blower…AND confirmed by a renowned engineer hired by the Army Corp of Engineers to discredit her. The sad truth --we’re living with an illusion that we’re safer than we were before Katrina…we’re moving forward with a false sense of security. Thanks to Harry we should consider ourselves warned…really warned.

OUR VIEW: News misses root causes of Katrina floods ~OU Daily
~It was a man-made disaster. On Sunday, President Barack Obama visited New Orleans, acknowledging the government’s failure to send relief in a timely manner. But he failed to point out the core cause of the disaster: the failure of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to build effective structures that could have prevented deadly flooding.

Sandra Bullock Speaks…Finally (video)
~Veracity Stew

~"Take notice world, Sandra Bullock belongs to New Orleans."
~Editilla 2nd Lines Dat!

Who Rules the Schools?
~Ariella Cohen, Next American City

~Editilla Crotellas~I swear, following the Lens writers now is getting to be like keeping up wit'da backfield of the worlds greatest football team. WHO'DAT?

Brad Pitt narrates N.O. Super Bowl film

Best of New Orleans 2010~Gambit

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~Jus'sayin, this one goes out to NiceJewelz

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