Thursday, September 2, 2010

March for Charity begins at 4:45PM!
Today please join, the Treme Brass Band, Hot 8, Free Agents, Original and Pinstripe Brass Bands, and others, on our secondline/march from Charity Hospital to City Hall to deliver thousands of your petitions to Mayor Landrieu.
~1532 Tulane Ave. MAP
~Help us keep our word and make Mitch Landrieu keep his. We told him we would get 10,000 people to sign the petition cards to Reopen Charity Hospital as a hospital.
He said he would listen and has an open mind.

All workers rescued, yet gulf oil rig explosion reportedly spreading sheen
~Update from WKRG with more photos...
~Surviving Enron—And Thriving: How oil and gas driller Mariner overcame the stigma and became a Hot Growth star

Coast Guard responding to rig fire Gulf of Mexico; people reported in water

Big Oil rallies to save Big Oil
~Facing South

Petroleum, shrimp mix in town they each peeled out of
~The New Orleans Levee

Hang in there!~Bayou Girl

After Katrina, Gulf Coast Papers Shrink

Orleans Parish population down 100,000 from pre-Flood numbers

Zombie we feel your pain. At least James Gill has come to the Cedric Richmond Party ~slabbed

An Afternoon With Charlie, An Evening With Mayor Landrieu
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Mitch Landrieu blasts GOP/Tea Bag Senate candidate in Nevada for past Katrina remarks
~Editilla Beautellas~ Mitch'mo don'play who'dats for nothing. He stands up next to a mountain of partisan tea'doo, and chops it down wit'da edge of his hand. Able to leap faux rhetoric like a Catahoula hound, he carries this City on his brow like a boxer at a cock fight or a thoroughbred at the starting gate. OK OK BS Alert!
Some may think Mitch'mo is just counting match sticks here for Sister Mary, batting rotted low-hanging fruit, passing an easy buck that serves no purpose for the future Louisiana. I ho'so humbly disagree. He is taking this haint at her word, and her word is screw Louisiana. She, with her filthy band of syllodomite baggers, has always been about screwing Louisiana out of Oil Revenue, Flood Recovery Recompense, Wetlands Funding and especially BP Oil Crime Liability.
Y'know, we should have taken the National Socialists at their word the last time they tried this shit, in Europe circa 1930s. We should have stood up to them then sooner than later. But we did not. Considering the toiletfulls of neo'coward, Machiavelli-wannabe, Limbaudian McRhetorical Handmaiden's Tail we constantly hear flushing from that side of the tracks, I have trouble seeing how Mitch'mo is taking a "cheap shot" at these crazy fools. It is impossible to out-cheapen a Tea Bagger Wallshirt. Perchance some bloggers might think that he cheapens himself and us by engaging these bat'wing idiots. But consider this: if even one of these clown'fakirs gets into office, they will consistently strike at our state with every vote. Goodbye equitable Oil Revenue Sharing. Goodbye Levees, Right Recompense and Wetlands Restoration Funding. Hello Boss.

At F+5, recovery plan becoming clearer; Lens maps mayor-backed projects

Cedar Rapids still needs help recovering~This week, as the nation marked the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, some people in Cedar Rapids wondered whether their plight from the 2008 flood has been overlooked.
~Editilla Egg'suckas~Well DUH YEAUH??? I just don't understand how you clueless Iowans could locate a city in a frigging flood plain and depend on the Corps of Engineers to protect you. How farking stupid is that eh? Well?
Many of you Iowans were so White and Proud of the way you "Recovered" from the Corps Flooding of 2008, comparing it to our Federal Flood, and some even had the unmitigated Midwestern Gall to piss on the graves of those lost to the Corps of Engineers' failures in New Orleans 8/29/05. Time for you to Suck Crow.
Iowa is the 2nd most Federally Subsidized state in the nation for agriculture, which means Pigs, Eggs, Corn. Aside from enriching the Big Medicine/Pharma Heart Disease Industry and derailing our nation's real ability to respond to the real alternative energy sources, WTF is your state good for? What are youz guyz about? Synchonized Water Skiing? Come on! Who's the Welfare Muthafkr now?
The Corps built the complete system to move your 3 products through Cedar Rapids and down the MS River. The Corps structures of course broke.
So yeah, you folks are going to drop off the radar and down the drain because you have proven that you would rather have a government subsidy, turn a blind eye to those citizens polluted down stream and hand your asses over to Big Agribusiness and the Corps of Engineers. The Corps just wants you citizens of Iowa to go away.
Die. Move. WTF ever. You are American Citizens and Do Not Matter.
Well, the Corps and their Stakeholders know you are all Subsidy Punks who will bend over and take it. You will whine. You will cry. But you will never stand up to the people who devastated your property the way of we in New Orleans. You will never understand the engineering failures which flooded your homes the way that we continue to confront in New Orleans. So suck it up and wake up. Grow a pair, find the Stakeholders and flay them with a boning knife. Take care of yourselves.

At a recent event I attended someone told me "Bobby Jindal is a fucking douchebag"~Library Chronicles

Students Arrested After Protests at University of New Orleans
~Veracity Stew

Group finds contaminated LA oysters, despite state, federal assurances
~Sampling by environmental groups has found oysters contaminated with oil along the Louisiana coast befouled by the BP PLC oil spill, a finding that casts doubt on statements by state and federal officials that all seafood tested is safe.

Up to 90% of oysters dead in DMR’s reef sample~Nicole Dow
~Officials from the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources took oyster fishermen out on the reefs off the Pass Christian Harbor on Wednesday to give them a preview of what to expect from the upcoming oyster season.

This is why people think the Gulf oil spill has been cleaned up…BP Tripled Ad Spending After Spill
~Surfer Girl Comics

Patricia Clarkson to attend local 'Legendary' premiere, kicking off busy string of appearances

Surrey's Uptown~Blackened Out

*Hat Tweet~Pistolette

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