Wednesday, September 1, 2010

James Gill takin'it easy, ignores big pile of Cedric RichMon Doo'Doo!
~Axe Da'Zombie
~Editilla Crowtellas~ We are Sorry, Saddened and Stunned that our Favulustrous Mayor Mitch'mo would endorse this Crud to ReCrudify $Bill's former funding racket. We wish Mitch'mo could get an audience with our American Zombie --or at least ho'damn read his posts on Cedric RichMon.
Cedric RichMon makes Race Card Shark James Perry's non-profit political monkey'dance look like nap-time wit'a Punketful of Romper Room Ritalin.

Tell Mayor Landrieu to Save Charity Hospital~Thursday 2nd Line to Save Charity Hospital

New Orleans Community Rallies Against Violence~WDSU

Well Hell…Turn Off the News for Five Days and the Official Narrative Goes to Shit…~Disenfranchised Citizen

Sewage As Hurricane Protection? New Orleans Could Use It To Regrow Wetlands

Southern governors push for more Gulf oil revenue

National oil spill commission using nuclear power industry as model
~Mark Schleifstein

Assumption well blowout reviewed
~David J. Mitchell

Displaced New Orleans Poet Sunni Patterson

Catch SkeletonKrewe at Poet's Gallery!

Hey Blake Pontchartrain?

Groove with 'OZ at Pontchartrain Vineyards~WWOZ will hold its first Groovin' In the Vines event at beautiful Pontchartrain Vineyards in St. Tammany Parish on Saturday, September 11, in celebration of our upcoming 30th anniversary.

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