Friday, August 20, 2010

Dedication Ceremony of Louisiana State Historic Levee Breach Marker
When: Monday, August 23 at 10:30a - 11a
Where: 6932 Bellaire Drive
(T-intersection of Bellaire and Stafford)

~At ground zero of the 17th Street Canal in Lakeview New Orleans, will unveil its first Louisiana State Historic Marker.
The traditional Louisiana state marker, (at right, from the latest New Orleans Magazine, click pic to enlarge) complete with an emblazoned and beloved brown pelican on top, briefly describes the events surrounding the catastrophic breach of the canal’s wall during Katrina.
“For too long, visitors to this flooded neighborhood were deprived of dependable information about what happened here,“ says HJ Bosworth Jr, civil engineer and lead researcher for “Now the answer will be there for everyone to see.”
The marker was recently approved by the Architectural Historian with the Louisiana Division of Historic Preservation, and will be placed on the New Orleans city right-of-way on Bellaire Drive in the Lakeview neighborhood. The Army Corps of Engineers which owns the property directly behind the monument was cooperative and did not object to the installation. “This plaque is just the beginning,” says Sandy Rosenthal, founder of “We envision more historic plaques at other breach sites all across metropolitan New Orleans.”
The grassroots group will hold fundraisers to raise the money to install Markers at the London Avenue breach sites, the Industrial Canal breaches, the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet levee in St. Bernard Parish and more.
New Orleans Councilwoman Susan Guidry, Council President Arnie Fielkow and Harry Shearer (director of The Big Uneasy to be released August 30) have confirmed attendance. Founded 8 weeks after Katrina, has five satellite chapters including New York, Florida, California, Oregon and Illinois. With a mission of education about the metro New Orleans flooding, the group now has over 25,000 supporters nationwide.

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