Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Orleans Levee Spin 101

This video brought onto Editilla's Co'dar. The rest is Herstory.
I remember laughing "What the Hell?" --yet by the end of the day they'd pulled this video due to heavy legal threat and I was going "WTF"? So'z I call'em, and got off the phone thinking, "Well this is screwed. These people are really just a bunch of actual citizens! Gone'gone, the ASCECORPS gonna squash them like steam roller on a grass snake. You won't even hear the little thing fart on its way out." Well, ahem, by the end of the next day or so, this video was back up on youtube, going viral across the nation. It is a satire of children on the "officials'" reactions to videos like this one that Really had ASCECORPS ticked-off down to their rusty ball bearings. These videos marked the first time I'd ever seen Anyone prevail so quickly against the formidable weight of both the Corps of Engineers and their jail-cell punk lackeys the American Society of Civil Engineers.
ASCE meets CORPS to make a two headed baby that we've named ASCECORPS.
It wasn't until the following spring that I met Sandy Rosenthal, more or less on the battle front, at the 17 Street Canal Leak. I'm warping through time here.
Suffice to say this little group has become very much the Beotch'Wolf that roars above the simpering Corps and its Pied Ruppert leading a Creme-addled pack of rats into the rising tide. has gone on to author legislation and have it introduced in both Houses of Congress, advise our new mayor Mitch'mo on Flood Safety Task Force and above all shown the world the difference between the lying of the Corps of Engineers NO District and the Truth about why New Orleans flooded 8-29-05.
This Monday, August 24th, will dedicate a La State Marker at the site of the 17th Street Canal Breach. A Metal Marker set in concrete which simply and clearly describes what happened there that day and why.
Paying heed to the Fullerean notion of Artifacts Not Politics, this small monument will out-last us --and especially, with its refutation, the Corps Lies.
The Corps may have started this, and tell us they "Build Strong", but it will be people like who will Finish This, and Finish Strong. Sinn Féin
~You are invited to's 5th Annual Observance of the Worst Civil Engineering Disaster in U.S. History

Katrina shorthand fatigue
~Mark Moseley, The Lens

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Head of Navy tours Gulf, shocked by amount of oil: “Wow, what are we in sir?” — Fisherman responds “Kind of looks like an UFO underwater, don’t it?” (VIDEO)~Florida Oil Spill Law
~WhoDat35 RT @PrjGulfImpact Public Comments at the Miss. Marine Resources Commission mtg. Aug.17th. #oilspill #blacktide

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Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame to honor Fats Domino, Dave Bartholomew
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Herman Leonard~Fred Kaplan, Slate

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