Thursday, August 19, 2010

No matter how you slice it Ol’ Girl deserves top billing. It is Katrina here at Slabbed, not the Hurricane formerly known as Katrina.
~Editilla cuts it with Occam's Razor~Yeah, well, even Prince couldn't pull that one off. What we name this Thing is what It will remain, as Time moves on like water under our flood walls or rock stars over our dikes.
Some painfully recall The Holocaust while others continue to pridefully refer to Hitler's Final Solution. Christianity has built its house on The Crucifixion while Islam speaks of Martyrdom and the Communists Chinese "own" Tibet as if they have always and refer to their massacre at Tienanmen Square None At All.
When we hear the words "Bhopal" or "Chernoble" what instantly comes to mind? When we hear New Orleans.... when we hear Katrina... when we hear The Flood or The Federal Flood of 8/29... when we hear Post-Flood... when we hear Engineering Malfeasance... what comes to mind?
But when I try to say it, I don't remember The Storm I remember The Flood, The Death, The Mahem, The Abandonment, The Corps Lying about overtopping and every other aspect of their crime of negligent homicide.
I remember Katrina, it was NOT what happened to New Orleans 8/29/05.

~Below is the scenario which has piqued a burr up Editilla's bum.
After spending the past 3 years battling Media and PR Framing of New Orlean's disaster as "Katrina", I find it far more repugnant to think of that name becoming Enshrined by our own Louisiana State Museum. Can y'all join me in writing to the Director of the Louisiana State Museum to change the title and thrust of marketing for their upcoming exhibit "Katrina and Beyond"?
~"Living with Hurricanes documents the human struggle in the face of a natural disaster, incorporating everything from survivors' personal mementos to their thoughts and feelings.
It documents how the recovery has brought about innovations — turning the region into a laboratory of new ideas."
— Museum Director, Sam Rykels

That is a Lie. Let's write Sam and set him straight. Be nice. Don't say anything that you couldn't imagine your Ho'So Humble Editilla saying. HA!
While it is bad enough that our local journalist Bruce Nolan would continuously, lazily proffer this falsehood, I'm growing increasingly disturbed by the idea that our State Museum would enshrine Katrina as the cause of The Flood of 8.29.05.
Please think about that for Posterity's sake. Do you want grandchildren hearing about Katrina? Or wouldn't it be better for generations of our children to always know why New Orleans flooded 8.29.05: our US Army Corps of Engineers?
So this won't happen again, right? Right?

Ready to forgive, but never to forget:
A guest column by Michael Homan

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