Saturday, September 25, 2010

100s of miles of La. coast hit by more oil ~Sandy Davis
~A bird prepares to land next to an absorbent boom on the shoreline affected by oil from the Deepwater Horizon rig in Bay Jimmy in Plaquemines Parish on Tuesday.
(But What Would Ivor Say? WWIS?)
Moderate to heavy oil washed onto almost 100 miles of Louisiana’s shoreline this week, the federal government said Friday, and Plaquemines Parish officials say they’re feeling the brunt with oil still saturating marshes, beaches and coastal passes. The Deepwater Horizon Unified Command reported Friday that light to trace oil affected another 200 miles of the state’s shoreline, according to its weekly report.
~Editilla Can't Stands No'Mo~Where's the Easter Bunny gonna hide his eggs now? Who we gonna'call? Coast Busters? WTF will it take to REALIZE that the oil will keep on keepin'on? Have our Feds sold us out? Well, Goddamnit?

Despite fears following spill, local jobless rate holds steady
~Kathrine Schmidt

BP holding back data on oil spill impact, Louisiana officials say
~Robert Travis Scott

~Whodat35 Louisiana DWF announces return to normal fishing activity east of the Mississippi

Alabama pilots to continue monitoring oil spill's impact~Kim Klass
~Hat Tweet~Whodat35

Gulf Fishermen Five Months Later: Still Bearing the Brunt of BP's Oil Disaster
~Peter Lehner

"Busted"~Ben Zimmer

AP covers up for BP: News outlet fails to disclose BP is behind SAND CASTLE event in FL Panhandle
~Florida Oil Spill Law

~Expert sand-sculpting artists from around the nation have begun a three-day competition in Navarre Beach on the Florida Panhandle… The artists say they want to highlight the area’s clean beaches and erase images of this summer’s destructive BP oil spill.
~Editilla gotta axe~ Guess they got permission from Mr. Big Prick?

Matthew drenching Central America and Mexico~Wunderblog

Two of three Corps shoreline protection contracts in East Jefferson are being protested~Sheila Grissett

Hurricane Katrina's 'shared trauma' altered rules of counseling for a time
~Bill Barrow

Rita moved residents but didn’t build levees~Nikki Buskey

State pushes eco-tourism~Jeff Moore

'One John Wayne dude' Russel Honore to speak at Mississippi State

Try this at home? Hell Yeah!

Disenfranchised Citizen really hates Atlantareally hates… and not in that playful usage of the word “hate,” I mean… ---really hates the Falcons

PBJ Spread Thin~Adrastos

It's tough on the road
~Library Chronicles

Mark Your Calendars For October 9th ~Iberville Yard Sale

Outside the Rampart~Nola Defender

House of Leaves~Poppy Z. Brite

Cowtown Pattie

New Orleans: An American Fairy Tale
~Editilla Hotellas~ Nice travel article, hits all the bases and heroes, buuuut...
---Fat City used to be in Metarie, you Wall Street Journal twits. Jeez mfkn Louie.

Octoberfest at Deutsches Haus

See if you got the best gumbo at cook-off next month
~A gumbo cook-off, sponsored by the Krewe of Bayou Petit Caillou, is scheduled for noon Oct. 16 at the Ward 7 Citizens Club, 5006 La. 56, Chauvin.

411 NOLA Loves Arts New Orleans

New work by Swoon

~Hat Tweet~

Road Home: Trombone Shorty

On a mission: Soul superstar Gladys Knight has New Orleans on her mind

New York Gypsy Festival celebrates music inspired by people on the move

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