Sunday, September 19, 2010

Corps of Engineers shouldn't allow chinks in New Orlean's flood armor: Times-Picayune cries Alligator Tears

Generalizing about the General Plan
~Your friends at the Army Corps of Engineers released some reports last week about levees around Marysville and Sutter County. Not surprisingly, the Army Corps said the levees weren't up to snuff, or whatever snuff is to the Army Corps in 2010. In 2014, snuff may be different. It's always a moving target.
The corps received $4.6 million in federal stimulus money, so it doled it out to some contractors to do the inspection. The point of all this seemed kind of unclear, other than spending stimulus money. Keep in mind that the sudden concern about levees stemmed from Hurricane Katrina. And who was most responsible for the damage in New Orleans? The Army Corps of Engineers.
Last November, a federal judge ruled that the Army Corps displayed "gross negligence" in failing to maintain a navigation channel —resulting in levee breaches that flooded large swaths of greater New Orleans.

Oil spill is far from over for those who live, work along the Gulf
~Bpb Marshall

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog
5 Shrimp = 1 Tarball

Reporter: “Entire communities where they’re vomiting blood” in Louisiana — “Very, very serious situation here” ~Florida Oil Spill Law

Illness from spill unknown still
~John DeSantis

Southern Exposure - Part 3
~Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana

BP leak just a bump in road for oil industry

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Sunday musical repeat: Dedicated to Barack, a guy with 2 big ears and not much in between ~slabbed

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Monday Night Football: Retro Bitterness And The Eyes Of Intensity
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Checking in on The Garden
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