Tuesday, September 21, 2010

America's Wetlands Oil Bankers back "Coastal Restoration Trust Fund"
~Editilla Double-downs the Double-think~

"As I have said many times, these are not just Louisiana's wetlands,
" Landrieu said. "They are America's wetlands, and this is America's working coast. The oil and gas, fishing, shipping, ecotourism, and hospitality industries all share it, and have thrived together for decades."
That is a lie. Mary Landrieu, do we look like we have thrived together for decades? Where have the Wetlands THRIVED from our relationship to King Milling's oil industry financing? For that matter, WHERE ARE THE FUCKING WETLANDS? Where have We The People actually thrived from your oil industry lobbying efforts? Take our coasts, fowl what's left, poison the people.

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