Saturday, September 18, 2010

Corps of Engineers inspired Dark Tourism~Business is slowing for Isabelle Cossart's disaster tours.
Since October 2005, the New Orleans tour operator has put more than 20,000 visitors in vans and shown them the wreckage Hurricane Katrina [Federal Flood] left behind.
"After Katrina, the business was no more,"
Cossart said. "Who was going to be a tourist in New Orleans? Everybody in the media was saying you would be killed if you could get here."
But then she got a call from the Army Corps of Engineers asking her to take them to see levee breaches and other horrors. And her "Post-Katrina Tour" was born. "The Corps of Engineers showed me what to do," she said. "And I knew people were going to want to see this mess because I'm from northern Europe. And my parents took us to Auschwitz. So I've seen dark tourism."

BP holding back data on oil spill impact, Louisiana officials say
~Robert Travis Scott

SOTT FOCUS: The Day the Water Died: Detoxing after the Gulf Oil Spill

Tony Hayward Speaks at British Commons…and a response
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Pilots Offers Abandoned Pets Second Chance At Life~WDSU

In this episode of Magnum JD, Magnum breaks out the curry for Jindy and others with Naan ~slabbed

A Question of Economics~dakinikat

Float Like Reggie Sting Like Brees! ~Dirty Coast

‘Twist' takes Dickens to New Orleans

Goodfellas 4th Annual Second Line Parade Sunday 1-5pm
~Big Red Cotton, Gambit

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Louisiana Gator Fest, New Orleans Burlesque Festival happening today in New Orleans
~The Second Annual New Orleans Burlesque Festival is devoted to classic and traditional burlesque. We’ve assembled the most glamorous and eye-popping burlesque dancers in the world to perform over three nights in sultry New Orleans. Comic emcees, singers, and variety acts flesh out the shows to provide the most entertaining, classy, and risqué showcases you’ll ever see. Fun and educational daytime activities for performers and enthusiasts of burlesque are spread over the three days. Celebrate this classic form of adult entertainment that made Bourbon Street famous worldwide!
~Editilla Strip'tellas~
Whatever Noooooola wants...
Noooooola Gets!

Louisiana native bringing his brand of music to free concert in Houma, La.

Grateful Dead Founder Teams With Papa Mali For 7 Walkers
~Grateful Dead co-founder Bill Kreutzmann has teamed up with guitarist Papa Mali in the new group 7 Walkers who will release their self-titled debut on November 2, 2010 via Response Records.
Together with legendary New Orleans bass man George Porter Jr. (The Meters, Funky Meters) and multi-instrumentalist Matt Hubbard (Willie Nelson, Fastball), the highly anticipated release features a batch of brand-new originals, a guest performance by Willie Nelson on "King Cotton Blues," and a few smokin' instrumentals. A self-proclaimed "open love letter" to the city of New Orleans, the end result is a fiery and funky collection of tunes that quite brilliantly capture a unique collaboration between these very different musical shamans.

New Orleans to host 2010 National Funeral Directors Assn International Convention & Expo October 10-13
~Editilla Crowtellas~Get Down! Get Back Up Again!

NOLA Road Home: Subdudes

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