Thursday, September 16, 2010

Corps of Engineers levee armoring plans have state officials concerned
~Mark Schleifstein

~New Orleans Needs Scenic Canals, Not Grim Levees~Bloomberg

Corps of Engineers' New Orleans remediation plan revives landowner protests~Sheila Grissett

Katrina: An Unnatural Disaster
~Costing the Earth BBC podcast

~Featuring Sandy Rosenthal of, Harry Shearer of The Big Uneasy
and Ivor van Heerden formerly of the former LSU Hurricane Center.

Mayor Blasts Corps of Engineers For "Not Being Accountable to the Citizens of Dallas" Regarding Trinity

Karl near hurricane strength; Igor intensifying again ~Wunderblog

JUST IN: EPA reveals high levels of cancer-causing heavy metal near area of massive fishkill — GROUNDWATER CONTAMINATION CONCERNS
~Florida Oil Spill Law

~PrjGulfImpact Oil 6"-12" thick washing up on Louisiana shores yesterday morning ...

LSU Libraries continues to centralize oil-spill resources ~Reveille

Demand for rig-worker financial aid stays low, exposing Big Oil PR efforts

Port of New Orleans is in position to have a record-setting year, CEO says

WEFTEC Special Sessions to Address National Environmental Priorities and the 2010 BP Oil Spill
~Dinner Benefiting P&J's Oyster Co. Shuckers

Haydel's plans to circle the Superdome with the world's largest king cake!
~Humid Beings

The New Orleans Burlesque Festival draws top performers ~Molly Reid

Waveland’s Michael Grimm wins a cool million singing his grandparents out of their Katrina trailer in America’s Got Talent ~slabbed

Goodreads vs. LibraryThing ~Hat Tweet~NOLAnotes

'Dude You Have No Quran' T-shirt!
~And who better than a 20-something to turn an example of the worst in America into old-fashioned American entrepreneurial spirit? Isom is now selling Dude You Have No Quran shirts in honor of the words he yelled as he ran into the fray. For just $15, you can be a hero too.
~Editilla Brotellas~ I give this effort the full endorsement of the recently congroovieated American Pie Party (they's always an APP fo'dat!:) Sinn Féin.
We believe in Just Desserts and the Inalienable Right of all Citizens to Fly Pie.

~This one goes out to captainsdead...jus'one o'dem days...


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K. said...

I've been in Ireland. The Army Corps of Engineers are screw-ups? When did that happen? Wake up screaming and stay away from Copperhead Road...