Sunday, September 12, 2010

For Your Review: FQMHAMD Management & Operations Plan as approved on 9/7/10
~Lower Quarter Citizens Against Crime

~Editilla cracks a toof and gnashes nails~This is an abject move to expensive private security by the French Quarter/Marigny Gentry. This is why they didn't release this to the public. Bullshit. Thank you Lunanola for keeping The Faith! Do we want the French Quarter and Marigny as a Gated Community? Well? I mean really, Private Security instead of the cops is how this will shake out, and Private Security protects ONLY the Stakeholders who pay their salary.
We just don't need Private Security in times of disaster. That's a fact. They don't give a shit. Protecting one's neighborhood is one thing, but using Private Security to secure you're Time-share Condos is another thing all together. We don't need to be wasting Hard Earned Taxes for such Bourgeois Naviete.

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