Friday, October 29, 2010

America Zombie explores the amazing art of....The Con-Profit
~Editilla Crowtellas~Due to the blizzard of gear shifting in this expose --as AZ runs a harrow back and forth over Cedric Richmond's lying heads-- we had to shift linking to "general". Please do take the effort to fang down the past week of posts to get a better view of this Zombie Banquet. ~Also, for appetizer, other tasty morsels on the slab over at slabbed!

Steel Men of Genius~moosedenied

Who are you and what have you done with Charlie Melancon?
~Library Chronicles

Harry Shearer determined to get his Katrina documentary seen, come hell or high water~Mike Scott

Cable Network Looking For Katrina Women~Katrina Connection

Chief: Future NOPD funding will be based on success of reforms
~Uptown Messenger

Animal control may go to the dogs without more money
~Karen Gadbois, The Lens

All 3 New Orleans trash vendors serving ineligible addresses, inspector general finds~Michelle Krupa

Professor Burns Big Oil Behavior
~Vincent Martellacci
~Hat Tweet~WhoDat35

Pope's Legion delegate warns of 'shipwreck'~The papal official running the disgraced Legionaries of Christ has warned that the conservative order faces "certain shipwreck" unless its superiors and members work together to change course following revelations that their founder led a double life.

A Drink in the Office~Blackened Out

Bubbles from Atlantis ~Hat Tweet~

Friday Reading~Sky Dancing

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