Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The scores, the human interest stories, and the obituary~moosedenied
~Well, so much for me having any fuckin' clue what I'm talking about. (I'll pause while the internet responds: "Pfft… you just now figuring that out?") Touché, douché. The good news is that I'm pretty sure that didn't actually happen. It couldn't have, right? RIGHT? I mean, there's just no way in hell LSU went on the road and lost by (only) 7 to the #4 team in the country because their defense shit the bed, while the Saints lost by 13 (20 if not for a garbage time touchdown) at home to a 1-5 team because Drew Brees threw four interceptions, including two pick-sixes. Unfathomable! Inconcievable! It flies in the face of this particular universe's laws of physics, for crying out loud!

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