Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana "Kids of the Gulf Toy Drive"
~Help us make sure that each and every child in Coastal Louisiana gets a holiday gift! Our Kids of the Gulf toy drive has started! Click the BUY TOYS button to go to our wish list and choose something! Items start at 5.00. It will be delivered directly to us for delivery to the kids of affected families!

Fishing, environmental groups weigh in on use of BP money~Mark Schleifstein

ABC News: Harry Shearer on Major Media’s reluctance to talk about ‘The Big Uneasy’

Beyond the Numbers: Oyster Supply Tells a Sobering Story
~Louisiana Seafood News

ALL 8 blood samples collected in Florida and Alabama find “4 TIMES the 95th Percentile” of m,p-Xylene
~Florida Oil Spill Law

Coastal Restoration Project in Southwest Louisiana Complete
~World Fishing Network

Oil Spill Art That is Made from BP Oil

There can only be one: Mississippi district 4 TEA Party candidate endorses Gene Taylor for Congress ~slabbed

Sitting On My Porch Part Fifty Seven
~Cliff's Crib

Jindal’s political future is stickier than his sand berms
~Mark Moseley, The Lens

American Brownshirts
~Adrastos, First Draft

October 29th Press Conference and

Strongest storm ever recorded in the Midwest smashes all-time pressure records~Jeff Masters, Wunderblog
~Visible satellite image of the October 26, 2010 superstorm taken at 5:32pm EDT. At the time, Bigfork, Minnesota was reporting the lowest pressure ever recorded in a U.S. non-coastal storm, 955 mb. Image credit: NASA/GSFC.
~Editilla Recomendellas~Heavy Weather by Bruce Sterling
Science Fiction in a not too distant future of Super Storms shaped like torus donuts that span from the MS River to the Rockies and last for months at a time. The entire middle of the country had become uninhabitable. Of course by this time Galveston had become an interesting place to live and I won't tell you about New Orleans.

Military, gov't increase investment in algae fuels

The Dark Knight Rises

Historically Sustainable
~Alex Woodward, Gambit

First Look: Eiffel Society
~Blackened Out

A beer-lovers tour of New Orleans
~Tim Dohms

Night Birds~Calliope Street

NOCCA will add academics to arts programs~Cindy Chang

Movie review: James Gandolfini and Kristen Stewart elevate 'Welcome to the Rileys'~Jake Coyle

~Hot 8 Brass Band kicking it live tonight and every Wednesday night at Club Good Times, Dupre & Conti Show time 9:30-until cover $5

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