Monday, October 18, 2010

Corps of Engineer Again Plays Shell Game With Flood Funding Priorities
~Editilla Cotellas~ The Corps has learned now from 8/29/05 to blame the locals Before their structures fail, since already trying to do that after they flooded New Orleans didn't work so well. So now they are shifting their responsibility for Congressional Mandated flood safety off to the local governments, as if we the people have anything to do with Corps Funding Priorities. This is heinous. Furthermore, this entire article punked by Gerald Galloway via Mark Schleifstein is pure Corps Euphemism for "We will not remove the still badly built, failed floodwalls and NOLA will take OPTION 1 and like it!"

Rut'row! Corps of Engineers shoring up Mississippi River bank near Ochsner Medical Center
~Editilla CoHotellas~ Since the Corps screwed up so badly on original soil assessments, they are now clearing all the foliage to cover up their original little misunderestimation. How much more do we need to find out where the Corps of Engineeres punked us on the front end like wizened bullies?
These creeps need Jail Time for goodness sakes. Put them Away!

Sen Murphy: Fed Ignores MN Flyover Flood Zone

HANO official: Agency not tracking voucher locations
~Ariella Cohen, The Lens

Harry Shearer: The Silent Echo Chamber at Henry Art Gallery, Seattle

Gimme Shelters
~Alex Woodward, Gambit

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