Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Road Home sequel belongs to Jindal ~Jarvis DeBerry

Lawyers accuse one another of being lawyers ~Library Chronicles

Mayor Landrieu Meets with Save Charity Hospital Advocates at City Hall, Accepts Over 10,000 Petitions

Carville and Matalin Get Jiggy wit'it: Bipolitical Partisan Center
~Ain't but 2 Ways 2 Do Corporate Democracy: Our Way or the Highway.

Parishes seek cost break on levees
~Nikki Buskey

~Editilla bites the lip and remembers~ Need we remind everyone, that Congress said to the Corps of Engineers: "We want This for
the Morganza-to-the-Gulf hurricane-protection system in Terrebonne." To which the Corps responded by saying "OK, it'll cost you $886 Million." So then Congress gave the Corps $886 Million. Next the Corps, always ready to pull the cinch, quickly within Months upped the ante to $12,000,000,000! Remember that? Oh how fast they suddenly realized these "new standards" would apply!
We demand Flood Protection and all they give us are "Pilot Programs" and "Further Studies"! Can we get a witnaaasss heah?

Alleged Damages in 2005 Flood from Dredging Operations Not Forseeable

Former cypress swamp destroyed by MRGO east of New Orleans
~Photographed by Quinta Scott

Drew and Brittany Brees finally had their Baby! Little Benoit? Still time to lobby for a name on Twitter!

100 Miles and Runnin’~moosedenied

Fujita calls league stance on hits hypocritical

ALERT! kareng http://flic.kr/p/8LsBHb Chris Finch cfinch@fox8tv.net Drew Brees the dog is missing. Mid City #nola

Point Spreads~Ian McNulty, Gambit

2010 Challenge: Photos of Bones Favre Wishes He'd Sent Instead
~Blackened Out

Oil cleanup not over in Louisiana's Bay Jimmy
~Rick Jervis

Spill impacts vary widely, study shows

~Katherine Schmidt

Offshore drilling inspection staff to grow by 200, agency director says
~David Hammer

U.S. Deep-Water Safety Rules on Oil Drilling Thrown Out by Federal Oil Judge ~Bloomberg

~ Today's vanishing oil story comes complete with obligatory coffee analogy http://is.gd/g8izD
~ @ Wow! Is this misinformation by the TP? I mean beyond the pale of mere misdirection or even simple lying? What *popular assumptions*?

Obama Administration Clings to “Mission Accomplished” Claim with Release of New Report~Stuart Smith

The Gulf Between Us
~Terry Tempest Williams, Orion

~The oil is not gone. This story is not over. We smelled it in the air. We felt it in the water. People along the Gulf Coast are getting sick and sicker. Marshes are burned. Oysters are scarce and shrimp are tainted. Jobs are gone and stress is high. What is now hidden will surface over time.

Big Polluters' Big Ad Spending
~Center for American Progress

New Oil Leak Discovered Today

BR Students create opera about oil leak

Aware Pt. 1~Wreckless Endangerment

A Freedom Rider Returns to Parchman ~Riley Morse, Facing South

~Special Thanks~Nobody's Business

Form vs. function dominates discussion of Audubon Charter renovations~Uptown Messenger

New Orleans Office Tower Comes to Life as High-Tech Business Center

Dirty Coast gets a Cool Shout-Out from NYC swissmiss!
~ Film Fest Winners //

Aidan's Monsters!~Aidan is a 5 year old boy who was recently diagnosed with leukemia. He loves to draw and he loves monsters.
Here is where we sell some of his original drawings as well as prints to raise money for his medical bills.

Team entries rolling in like the fog of Campastrano, so get yours in or be covered in London Salmon
~Hogs for the Cause

Reds, Whites and the Blues Thursday night~Kevin Allman

Thank You, New Orleans, for Wednesday Nights~GO NOLA

Bob Marley~Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Lonewolf Blues Company...
Effects Pedals for the Pros!

~These are some great pedals for harmonica and guitar players...
Handmade right in Ponchatoula, Louisiana!

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