Saturday, October 23, 2010

Massive stretches of weathered oil spotted in Gulf of Mexico
~Bob Marshall

~Matthew Hinton photograph of a boat traveling through oil that was spotted in West Bay just west of the Southwest Pass of the Mississippi River Friday October 22, 2010.

Toxicologist: 4 to 5 million people on Gulf Coast exposed to dangerous levels of oil — Going to have incredible health effects (VIDEO)
~Florida Oil Spill News

Well okay then Jane, if you say so…
~Disenfranchised Citizen

It’s elementary my dear Watson. This is a “crime family” affair. Slabbed takes a look at a recent earmark/charity looting in Jefferson Parish

An Evening With Harry Shearer
~Cinema St Louis

Halloween on the Bayou~Clancy Dubos

‘Trick or treat’ rules rile ACLU
~Bob Anderson
~On one year out of seven, Halloween hops to a calendar spot that haunts the Livingston Parish Council.

Bad Headcheese~Hat Tweet~liprap
~Editilla gotta Comentella~My brother sells 3 different flavors of souse in his little store in Merigold. I've grilled it, deep-fried it and cut it fresh on white bread. It is a weird thing, Headcheese, as it literally comes from the head of the pig, "the goddamn peeyuhg." Popular Tractor Driver Lunch w'Cheddar too, but not the kind of thing a novice science fiction writer need get into...
---unless they want to write like H.P. Lovecraft.
I think Bad Headcheese understands this, has been there and done that...
and gots the nightmare flatulent screams shape-shifting dreams to prove it.

~1st Ever Red Bull STREET KINGS Brass Band Battle

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