Saturday, February 12, 2011

17th Street Canal homeowners include Army Corps of Engineers in suit over levee property~Mark Schleifstein

Corps extends public comment for MRGO plan

Levees? What Levees? Acknowledge existence of levees, Missouri and Illinois senators tell FEMA
~Editilla gotta axe~ Who built these invisible 500-year-protection levees? Was it the ancient Mound Builders? Aliens? Corps of Engineers? <--DING!?! Aw'Dat Whodat Love? An Open Letter to Saints Fans ~Bleacher Report
~Chris Graythen/Getty Images

The land of red-light camera hell
~Kevin Allman, Gambit

Saturday Music: Dedicated to the propagandist over at the West Bank Beacon~slabbed

Transplanted medplex houses in need of life support~The Lens
~Also~Despite 8 deaths in abandoned warehouse, city has done little new to fight vagrancy~Ariella Cohen

Allen: Wait on oil leak inquiries
~Gerard Shields

~Retired U.S. Coast Guard Adm. Thad "The Impaler"Allen cautioned Congress members Friday not to rush to pass oil spill legislation until all investigations into the BP rig explosion are complete.

Being investigated by Guidepost Solutions and the GCCF? The media is listening~Disenfranchised Citizen

Environmentalists question state seafood testing~Nikki Buskey

Report concludes, Clean up on the oil spill is over. Personal pictures and testimony state otherwise.
~The Heart of America

Louisiana’s own get behind the Bassmaster Classic in New Orleans

Athena Film Festival: Women’s Film is Alive and Making Some Noise
~Hat Tweet @NOLAFemmes

La Provence~JudyB, NOLAFemmes

Beer Review: Abita Black IPA
~The Beer Buddha

Today's dining rooms are so much more than just a place to eat
~Judy Walker

Tulane geographer finds the kernel of truth behind 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter'~Mike Scott

Desert Etiquette by Floating Action
~Editilla Banderellas~ Loving this, our New Fav Band Find NFBF!
From the ever- congrooviating, excelsior New Orleans label Park the Van!

MsPlaced Drink-N-Surf~Rex Dingler

Irvin Mayfield, Harry Shearer and NOJO showcase 'Shakespeare in Love' on Valentine's

Second line Sunday: C.T.C. 2011 Second Line Parade~Big Red Cotton

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