Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton leaves himself open to much criticism~Jeff Duncan
~I know it's unfair to compare New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton and former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin, but the two now share something other than a Lombardi Gras parade toast: Controversy. The news that Payton plans to move his family to a Dallas suburb won't be embraced or celebrated anytime soon by Saints fans, especially the hometown Who Dats.
~Update~New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton discusses family's move to Dallas area

Superdome renovations force some Saints fans to relocate

Gambit's Bouquets and Brickbats ~Levees.org~The New York Times missed the mark when the paper responded to a Levees.org petition requesting a correction to a December 2010 story, which had ascribed the 2005 floods to "Hurricane Katrina" and not the federal levee failures. Senior editor Don Hecker wrote that the error was cited "out of context." Those are the sort of weasel words a newspaper is supposed to debunk, not use to defend its own mistakes.

Deadline looms for 100-year storm protection ~WWL

Corps of Engineers work on Kenner floodwall kicks into high gear

At New Orleans Coroner Frank Minyard's palace, fantasy is pathology
~Jarvis DeBerry

Student takes role of David to creationist’s legislative Goliath
~Mark Moseley, The Lens

~Also~Consultants give early glimpse of report on UNO-SUNO merger, stress differences

Just a thought – How big is the average mailbox in Jefferson Parish? ~slabbed

US Economic Malaise
~Dakinikat, Sky Dancing

Thad Allen warns: US not ready for Arctic oil drilling

Whooping cranes to return

Options to save oak tree dwindle
~The Youngsville Heritage Oak, believed to be more than 250 years old, must find a new home before work begins to straighten La. 92, but most options were shot down by officials

Arc Mardi Gras Bead Recycling Sale for Carnival 2011~Humid Beings
~Hat Tweet~NolaNinjaGirl

New photos from the set of ‘Looper’ in New Orleans

Thieves Getting Smarter? Rare Books Stolen From Maple Street Book Shop

COMING SOON!!! Top of the Hops Ticket Contest!!!~The Beer Buddha

~~Food trucks illegal in CBD. Zone is Holy Grail of other trucks. Can't figure out how @ can sell there.

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Irene's: Worth the Wait?
~Blackened Out

New Orleans' Spencer Bohren visits ULM as Artist-in-Residence ~WWOZ

Editilla's new fav thingwriter performer! Colin Meloy.
Get Down, Get Back Up Again!

~Special thanks~ Why does Colin Meloy remind me so much of a cross between @' webmaestro and Rene of Zeitgeist? ?

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