Monday, February 7, 2011

Group wants places where levees broke on National Historic Register
~Kevin McGill announced its effort to put the locations on the National Register back in August. Organization founder Sandy Rosenthal said last week that Mark R. Barnes, an archaeologist who is retired from the National Parks Service and is now an associate professor at Georgia State University, has been retained to help guide them through the application effort.
"I think generally people at the national level, at the state level, at the local level, realize the importance of these levee breach sites, that these are probably two of the most significant," Mark Barnes said. "And, I am pretty confident, having worked with the Parks Service for over 35 years and having been the first archaeologist with the National Register."

~ this week's Heroes and Zeroes, Gambit Magazine (pg 11) chastised the New York Times' response to our Petition.

Mooring company not liable in Lower 9th Ward barge case, judge rules
~In concluding his 42-page opinion, Duval wrote: "The horror and tragedy of the flooding that occurred in the Lower 9th Ward is one that must not be taken lightly. The testimony of those caught in the maelstrom is heartbreaking and defies belief that such a catastrophe could occur. However, where as here there is overwhelming evidence that the (barge) did not cause in any manner cataclysmic flooding of the Lower 9th Ward."

As Huffington Post-AOL Merger Roars, Will NOLA Whisper?

The Goat Speaks: Hello, I must be going ~Girod Street End Zone~First, Sean Payton is not Satan. A few of the middle-American types that come to N.O. get hooked, like maybe Hank Stram, or Drew Brees. Not many. Sean Payton is not one of them.

Sean Payton to re-title his book Second Home Team~Library Chronicles

Louisiana gets more in federal aid than it gives in taxes~Bruce Alpert

You heard it here first
~Inside the Footprint

Egyptian Women In Protest ~NOLAFemmes

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