Thursday, October 20, 2011

Aaron Bennett, convicted of bribery, keeps Army Corps of Engineers work

Payton returns to practice; plans to coach from press box

24 Reasons Why New Orleans Is the Best City on Earth & L.A. Is Bullshit
~god-eat-god worlds
~Hat Tweet @The_Gambit
#24. We are immune to financial crises. The market collapsed? We’re in a recession? When did that happen? We’re so poor on the whole and so pre-fucked by things like oil spills and broken levees that by the time the country goes through money problems, we’ve already fixed our economy. Right now? We’ve got a 7.2% unemployment rate. The country? 9.1%. California? 12.1%.

They call him “Lil’ Piece” for a reason: A (non)Performing Arts Center follow the money update ~Slabbed

King Georges just can't stop throwing turds ~American Zombie

Sheriff blocking reform, says councilwoman, causing group to delay decision on jail size~Matt Davis, The Lens

Walmart coming to Gentilly with the aid of a federal grant~Ariella Cohen

Louisiana education board approves changes to New Orleans' master plan for school construction

Ken’s world tour – next stop, Dublin…
~Disenfranchised Citizen

RTA lists worthy projects; let’s be sure they’re well designed

Light show on the Dome every night!

Filmmaker Helen Hill's husband returns to complete her story in the city she loved

.:.UNDER CONSTRUCTION.:. Building a Foundation for Home with Community Word, Song and Dance ~Junebug Productions & The Homecoming Project

1915: 'The Picayune's Creole Cook Book' was wildly popular

Thanksgiving is Coming!~Blackened Out

Oak Street Po-Boy Fest rolls out improvements to deal with crowds?

Hart and Soul: Talkin' Turkey with Bluesman Alvin Youngblood Hart

A New Life for Zigaboo Modeliste

Bywater 'Music Box' to Wind Up for the First Time This Weekend!

The New Orleans 6t'9 Social Aid & Pleasure Club's 7th Annual Halloween Parade ~Humid Beings

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