Monday, October 17, 2011

Walter Isaacson, authorized biographer of "Steve Jobs", supports's quest to list New Orleans breach sites to National Register ~Sandy Rosenthal
~Editilla Markerellas~Click pic to enlarge
~~Artifacts Not Politics
The title comes from R. Buckminister Fuller.
I wish there were enough flowers at Robert's to honor all those souls lost to the Flood of 8/29... but perchance Gentle'rillas will take it to heart to bring flowers or whatever mementos to the base of these fine Historical Markers... much like a cross beside a lonely highway, or a telephone pole wrapped in teddy bears to mark the spot where someone died needlessly, negligently. During the short time cutting the flowers and such, 2 tour busses and 4 cars from as many states stopped to check out this Fine Marker and read about how the Corps of Engineers killed so many fellow citizens. They were all very cool and respectful. We should honor as well these folks who come to look, as they would bare witness to this crime. We should wave to them, thank them, welcome them to the horror of resurrection. It doesn't matter to me how they do it. Nola will take them as she takes us all, without a care to pretense but a graceful tendency towards The Line...
Here's an example of why NRHP designation is so necessary: rampant, self-imposed and goddamned stupid Katrina Shorthand: Op-Ed: 'Disaster Tourism' in post-Katrina New Orleans

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