Monday, September 28, 2009


Pentagon says “no further action needed” on Corps Internet Scandal in New Orleans

Obama's Plate is Not Too Full After All~Harry Shearer

Is Harry right or wrong?
Gambit begs the question?

~Editilla begs ta'diffa~ Having failed all those tests in elementary school, you know, the ones with the different colored blocks of stars and crescents... and those damn ink drawings of animals copulating with humans --yeah right, ink blots my ass we knew what they wanted-- whew, but as dense as sawdust as we are we know one thing... one fine thing...Harry Shearer is a World Class Fucking Right On Right On Good NOLA Brutha!
Are you kidding me? Harry is So Right On! Obama is blowing us.
He blew us for the Anniversary. Bad move. That event is not some light weight memorial to the foibles of predatory capitalism.
It is still an exposed compound fracture of our Body Politic and screw any President that doesn’t get it. Screw them when they go to Martha’s Vineyard for vacation for Goddess sakes???
Hell yeah. Sinn Féin.

Monday Music: Corporate Predator Edition ~slabbed

Devastation in Manila flood zone
~Alastair Leithea

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